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J. Loudon, Chairman of the League of Nations Preparatory Disarmament Commission, declared that he is tired of having every session of his Commission break up in fruitless disagreements.

A blunt, honest Dutchman was looked askance at, in Geneva last week, as the League Assembly continued in session (TIME, Sept. 17 et seq.).

Representatives of all the Great Powers, except Japan, told the Dutchman that they were “surprised”‘ at him.

President Calvin Coolidge was reported by cable to be not only…

At Glasgow


The Dutch have started an 8-year project to build 18 miles of main dykes to lock in the Zuider Zee.

The 96th annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, at Glasgow last week, was a grand concourse of ideas on chemistry, physics, psychology, mathematics, geology. So specialized and abstruse were most of the papers read in 13 sectional meetings that the 3,000 scientists attending (from all the continents)…

Dutch Breakfast


Foreign Minister Beelaerts van Blokland talks about a frontier dispute “with our good Belgian friends.”

He enjoys the confidence of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands whose Foreign Minister he is. Straight and yet portly of figure, his manner is stiff-necked and blunt. His arrival to dine heavily at one of the smart, white-painted mansions at The Hague, is announced by flunkies, unctuously intoning: “Jonkheer Dr….

Lone Scout


Some 500 adolescents assembled at Eerde, in the Netherlands, for the first World Youth Peace Congress.

The placid and usually reclining cows of Holland seem like living symbols of Peace. They gave of their milk, last week, to refresh and quench the thirst of some 500 non-tippling adolescents, who assembled at Eerde, in the Netherlands, for the first World Youth Peace Congress.

Delegates representing the Communist Youth…

Queen Emma Celebrates


Queen Mother Emma celebrated her 70th birthday at home after spending a series of State visits to each of the eleven provinces of Holland.

With habitual gravity and majesty the Queen Mother of the Netherlands returned, last week, to her Summer Palace at Soestdyk, after completing a series of State visits to each of the eleven provinces of Holland. From the Zuider Zee to Zealand loyal Dutchmen had barked gruff cheers. And now good…

Olympic Games


Queen Wilhelimina, following  the Fourth Commandment, opposes sport on Sunday during the Olympic Games.

. . . The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord Thy God: in it thou shall not do any work. . . .


To Her Majesty Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria, Queen of the Netherlands, the Fourth Commandment means exactly what it says and is a specific prohibition against sport on Sunday.


Bullets & Shell


Mevrouw Van Eeghen, the niece of mighty Sir Henri Deterding, Director General Royal Dutch Shell (Oil) Group, has been shot dead in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the city of drab workmen who cut and polish brightest diamonds, the home of landlubbing watermen who pole barges along slow canals, the habitat of buxom and sensible stenographers who pedal to work each morning upon thousands of bicycles. Amsterdam, in short, is the last place where one…

Global Rubber War


From the East Indian realm of plump Queen Wilhelmina came challenging news that rubber production there has topped 93,000 tons for 1927, an increase of almost 400% in five years.

In tropic climes, on opposite sides of the twirling globe, shrewd men watched anxiously, last week, the struggle of Great Britain to maintain her world monopolistic grip on rubber.

From the East Indian realm of plump and prim Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands came challenging news that rubber production there…

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