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“Hold the Sea!”


Wilhelmina talks in her yearly address to Parliament about international current affairs concerning the Netherlands.

Clip-clap, clip-clap through the tidy Hague, good motherly Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands clattered off last week in her State Coach to open Parliament. With her rode buxom, schoolgirlish Crown Princess Juliana and the Queen’s fat but studiously self-effacing Prince Consort-Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. A smart troop of cavalry gave dash…

Hague Haggle


By organizing a banquet during The Hague Conference (concerning Germany’s Reperations) a motherly Wilhelmina was able to bring back common sense to the delegates.

Events at the Hague Conference were in such a desperate snarl last week as Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Snowden continued bickering for a bigger piece in the reparations “sponge cake” (TIME, Aug. 12 et seq.), that progress could best be traced in terms of personages:

Thomas William Lamont. First authoritative…

Bottom Button


In Curaçao, a U. S. ship had been captured and the Curaçao’s Dutch Governor had been kidnaped by Rebels from Venezuela.

Just 31 years ago, while Rough Riders drilled in Texas, German bands played “Dolly Gray” and U. S. Volunteers sweated in blue flannel shirts and tubular blanket rolls, the name of the Dutch island of Curaçao appeared in bold headlines. One hot morning, the U. S. Consul at Curaçao, gazing casually…

Emma’s Junket


Queen Mother Emma visited a loan exhibition of Dutch art in London. Attendants kept a curious crowd outside locked doors, but Queen Emma commanded to open the doors.

A white-haired, bespectacled old lady with a big black umbrella and a little black bonnet tied under chin last week honored some great men of her country and proved to the world that the Dutch are a hardy race.

She was the Queen-Mother Emma of Holland, 70 years old, the proud…

Peace & Limburg Threatened


Consternation in countries surrounding the Netherlands after Utrechtsch Provinciaal en Stedelijk Dagblad reported about a secret military agreement, what eventually turned out to be a joke.

If you are a Dutchman from Utrecht, and you read something in the Utrechtsch Provinciaal en Stedelijk Dagblad, you know it must be true. Last week this leading provincial newspaper of the Netherlands shocked the rich burghers of quaint old Utrecht—and shocked Europe—by chargin, that a most nefarious secret military…

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