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Gaspers for Five


Crown Princess Juliana caught smoking in her room only to found out it was not her mother, but her tolerating father.

Even in her own royal residence on the outskirts of The Hague, Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands is supposed to obey the rule of her august mother Queen Wilhelmina: “Unmarried ladies of the Court shall not smoke.”

Recently, according to Dutch Court gossips last week, the Crown Princess with…

Juliana, Unemployed


Queen Wilhelmina last week personally read her Speech-from-the-Throne, but listeners would rather hear the name of a future Man-in-the-House for a plump Princess Juliana.

Buxom Queen Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria last week personally read her Speech-from-the-Throne at the opening of the Netherlands Parliament. Not only Queen Wilhelmina, but indomitable Queen Mother Emma, portly Prince Henry (Wilhelmina’s spouse) and plump Princess Juliana, heiress to the throne, were there, almost 700 Ib. of Royal Dutch.

What every…

Juliana & Sigvard


Dutch newsorgans report an official denial from Sweden concerning the engagement between Prince Sigvard from Sweden en Princess Juliana.

In tiniest type on inside pages, loyal Dutch newsorgans printed last week a one-sentence despatch from Sweden:

“Stockholm: His Royal Highness Crown Prince Gustav Adolf officially denied today reports from Amsterdam of the betrothal of his second son Prince Sigvard to Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands.”

During the week…

Sympathetic Queen


In Dutch New Guinea a number of Wilhelmina’s loyal subjects were being cooked and eaten by cannibals.

At the Colonial Ministry of plump Queen Wilhelmina last week distressed officials admitted that some 9,400 miles away in Dutch New Guinea a number of her loyal subjects were undoubtedly being cooked and eaten.

Particulars the perturbed Dutch statesmen could not give. They knew only that a man-eating Papuan tribe had…

“Dear Little”


Dear little Holland completed with her own money, her own materials, her own engineers and labor, the largest canal lock in the world.

In the capitals of the Great Powers, Dutch diplomats school themselves to smile instead of wincing at the question which hostesses all ask sooner or later: “And how is dear little Holland?”* Proud were Dutchmen last week when dear little Holland completed with her own money, her own materials, her…

Huis Ten Bosch


Princess Juliana turns 21 and moves to Huis Ten Bosch, several newspaper ask the question why she hasn’t visited the Dutch East-Indies yet.

A buxom, healthy, studious Dutch girl reached the age of 21 last week, celebrated by moving from her town residence at The Hague to an estate called the “House in the Wood.” One and all, Dutch newspapers congratulated the young woman, but a few of the very oldest and most aristocratic…

Game of Go “Bong!”


The slot-doorbell, introduced into the Netherlands but a short time ago, has swiftly become a best seller. Instead of ringing the house bell one drops a Dutch cent into the slot and it goes “Bong!”

A slot-doorbell—that was what frugal Dutch huisfrouwen were having carpenters install last week beside their furiously polished brass doorknobs.

The slot-doorbell, introduced into The Netherlands but a short time ago, has swiftly become a best seller. Instead of ringing the house bell one drops a Dutch cent* into the slot…

“Wett, a Little”


S. S. Rotterdam of the Holland-America line is “perhaps a little” faster, but the money has been invested on solid Dutch comfort.

The slowest de luxe liners on the trans-Atlantic run are big, broad boats sailed by big, broad Dutchmen. Into Manhattan last week hove the S. S. Rotterdam, fresh from a $1,000,000 overhaul.

“Is she any faster?” chorused reporters who think speed is news.

“Well, gentlemen, perhaps a little,” said Mynheer Adrian…

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