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Again Slump


The fall of the pound, Japan’s abandonment of the Gold standard, negatively influenced the Dutch economy. The draining of the Zuiderzee was progressing ahead of schedule.

“Never before,” said gloomy J. de Fesche of the Société Céramique last week. “in the history of the Dutch ceramic industry was the situation as catastrophic as now.” Other Dutch potters sadly nodded their heads. The fall of the pound has enabled British potmakers to dump their receptacles in Holland.

Queen to Paris


Wilhelmina, a woman of plain tastes, and Juliana visited Paris for an exhibition about the Dutch East-Indies.

She is a good woman of plain tastes; she has an Eastern empire and a fat Prince Consort; she is the Queen Victoria of today; she was last week in Paris for the first time in 19 years—Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Duchess of Mecklenburg, Hon…

Connubial Hygiene


Two books have published recently, one by a Dutch retired director of the Gynecological Clinic, called Ideal Marriage, Its Physiology & Technique.

The U. S. is now sufficiently adult to study a book on connubial hygiene, Federal Judge John Munro Woolsey of Manhattan decided last month. Thereupon Putnam’s rushed the printing and, last week, published Marie Carmichael Stopes’s Married Love— the first of her eight monographs on sex activity. Professionally she is…

Waterler Prize


The Waterler Peace Prize didn’t go to a Dutchmen, as stipulated, but Sir Eric Drummond, secretary general of the League of Nations.

To the Government of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina the sum of more than half a million florins ($220,000) was left by Her Majesty’s loyal subject Banker Johan Gerard Daniel Waterler with two stipulations:

1) If the Royal Government “should not find itself in a suitable position” to award the income from this…

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