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In Rotterdam


The Holland America liner could not reach Rotterdam as seamen were on strike. On top of that, the engine room crew mutinied the ship.

Vividly last week the crew of the Holland America liner Rotterdam, homeward bound from New York, displayed their national temperament. No disturbance broke the calm of the first nine days of the crossing except in the smoking room, where the Dutch Olympic team was en thusiastically breaking training. Rotterdam, the…


Holland remade her geography last week with the closing of the last gap in an 18-mile dike between Wieringen and Friesland, thus putting an end to the famed Zuyder Zee.

Plump Queen Wilhelmina beamed, so did the plump Prince Consort. Comfortable Princess Juliana went out to inspect the new villages near Wieringen and thousands of Dutch trippers on hundreds of excursion boats yelled themselves hoarse. But at Volendam and Marken, those overexploited bits of quaintness, fishing boats were tied in…

Helpful Queen


Things were gloomy in Holland last week. There was unemployment. There was a money shortage. Wilhelmina did her bit and announced an exhibition of her watercolor paintings.

Things were gloomy in Holland last week. There was unemployment. Fifty-five steamers were tied up at Amsterdam, a record number. There were strikes. At Enschede, in a textile walkout, 2,000 strikers stoned strikebreakers’ houses, injured four policemen who tried to interfere. There were storms. The freighter Stanfies sank in the Zuider…

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