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Sour Grapes


Speculation arizes in England about the ‘hushed up’ royal wedding between Juliana and Bernhard.

Since matronly Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands and her massive daughter Crown Princess Juliana still uphold standards once upheld in England by King George, deep was the resentment of Dutchmen last week as some British journals printed sour-grape stories striving to make it appear that Juliana is some what the…

Speech From Queen


Wilhelmina gave her yearly thronespeech, focusing on an optimistic economic condition and a possible war between The Netherlands and Japan.

Half a million Dutch turned out in The Hague for the annual opening of the States General last week when they heard the rumor that Prince “Benno.” the German fiance of Crown Princess Juliana, would probably be riding in the royal coach.
Actually discreet Prince “Benno” stayed home. Bands blared and…

Popular Surprise


Princess Juliana presented her fiancé Prince Bernhard, to the Dutch audience. Her choice was welcomed in the Netherlands as a complete surprise and almost completely popular.

With their broad faces cracking wide in happy smiles one hard-raining evening last week, groups of loyal Dutch gathered under dripping trees at The Hague around a plain, white-painted house which anyone is free to approach. It was the Royal Palace of that good woman Wilhelmina of Orange-Nassau who for 46…

Olympic Games (Concl’d)


A major feature of the Olympic swimming was the performances of Dutch girls. Netherlands’ equivalent of Jesse Owens and No. 2 celebrity of the Games was Hendrika.

In Lima President Oscar Benavides of Peru last week addressed an angry crowd. Said he: “I have just received cables from the Argentine, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico solidifying the Peruvian attitude against the crafty Berlin decision.” The crowd, which had already torn down an Olympic flag, surged on to listen…

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