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Anoas to San Diego


Anoas, catched on Celebes in the Netherlands Antilles, were shipped from Surbaya Zoo to the San Diego Zoo.

The mountain people of the primitive little island of Celebes, in The Netherlands East Indies, are sturdy, dark and rather lazy. Not so long ago, however, some of them bestirred themselves enough to go out and capture a pair of anoas, dwarf buffalo. They were beautiful anoas, about the color…

Expectant Broadcast


Crown Princess Juliana stepped to the microphone and broadcasted the news she was expecting a child.

Happily back in Holland after all the fun she and her Prince Consort had in England at the time of George VI’s Coronation was Crown Princess Juliana of The Netherlands. She was in such high good humor last week that, stepping to the microphone in Amsterdam, Her Royal Highness became…

23-Lb. Surprise


On her honeymoon, Princess Juliana lost weight.

Plenty of sound, solid flesh is what ample Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands thinks should be on Crown Princess Juliana. From this opinion many a prospective royal suitor of past years differed and so did the jolly Princess, who used to make wry jokes about the thickness of her calves…

Crown Princess & White Horse


Honeymooning Crown Princess Juliana of The Netherlands arrived in Vienna last week.

Honeymooning Crown Princess Juliana of The Netherlands arrived in Vienna last week and was entering the dining room of her hotel when she was unexpectedly stopped and embraced with friendly warmth by an Englishman, the Duke of Windsor. Later the Crown Princess was escorted by her Prince Consort to some…

“Other Juliana”


As a mark of respect, Juliana was the only one to get married last week. There was one exception, the “other Juliana” Petronella van der Meer, born on the same moment as H.R.H. Juliana.

Never was a story more Dutch than that last week of “The Other Juliana.” It had been decided by Her Majesty’s Government that, as a mark of respect to Crown Princess Juliana, she and her bridegroom would be the only persons married in The Netherlands on their wedding day. The…

Serene & Royal


Report of the marriage between Princess Juliana and her husband, Prince Bernhard.

Marked was the vigor last week of the Knickerbocker aristocracy of Manhattan in observing the joyous marriage day of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Juliana of The Netherlands.
The newsorgan of most of these aristocrats is the New York Herald Tribune. Warmly it editorialized: “There is no country in Europe…

Petticoat Philanthropy?


A 10 million guilder gift from Henri Deterding, in form of Dutch cattle, greens and fruit, for the food-starved nazi’s, has to be seen as a “non-political and exclusively humanitarian” gift.

Six months ago swart, dynamic, 70-year-old Sir Henri Wilhelm August Deterding, Director-General of Royal Dutch Petroleum Co., one of the world’s largest producers of crude petroleum, married his third wife, Charlotte Mina Knack, a German (TIME, June 15).
Sir Henri, who was knighted by King George V in 1920, has for many…

Royal Wedding


Crown Princess Juliana marries German and Nazi Prince Bernhard (“Benno”) zu Lippe-Biesterfeld Jan 7th. The Dutch give a yacht as a wedding present.

An oath of allegiance to his future mother-in-law, Queen Wilhelmina, was sworn on the Parade Ground at The Hague last week by German and Nazi Prince Bernhard (“Benno”) zu Lippe-Biesterfeld, handsomely accoutered as a Dutch hussar. His Highness was made simultaneously a Navy lieutenant and an Army captain, while his…

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