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The Way to Singapore


The Japanese did not attack a single Netherlands outpost, but the Dutch knew there was no permanency to this, and they went straight to work,

To U.S. homebodies, the field where U.S. soldiers were giving their lives (see p. 16) seemed the most urgent. But to the Allied strategists, there was no more important battlefield than Malaya. On that battlefield Singapore was at stake. At Singapore the future of the Allies in Asia was at…

Fort by Fort, Port by Port


The Netherlands East Indies, so far unattacked, declared war in the knowledge that they would be attacked sooner or later.

The first crashing blows were so widespread that it looked as if the Japanese were trying to realize their “Heavensent,” Hell-patented ambition of dominating the Pacific all at one fell shock. Actually they had no such crazy plan. They had, instead, a pattern of attack for a first move which…

The Old Master


The U.S. occupied Dutch Guiana (Surinam), a demonstration of U.S.-Dutch collaboration. For the Dutch to protect Bauxite mines would mean withdrawal of troops from The NL. East Indies.

Franklin Roosevelt was feeling no pain this week. He had laid his plans, and his plans seemed to be working out. He had seized a country—Dutch Guiana (Surinam). He had temporarily stalemated the Japanese, at a time when every day’s delay before the Japs went to war constituted a…

Whited Sepulcher


Curaçao welcomed Jewish refugees from Europe.

From the deck of a ship entering the harbor, Willemstadt in Curaçao looks like a toy Dutch town, its well-scrubbed houses bright in the vivid tropic sunlight. To 79 men, women and children hanging over the rails of the Spanish liner Cabo de Hornos last week, Curaçao seemed very beautiful…

1 ,000,000 Bombs


The R.A.F. bombed The Netherlands. The bombs were colored orange in honor of the House of Orange. Each bore the letters V for Victory, and W for Wilhelmina.

London announced last week that the R.A.F. bombed The Netherlands with 1,000,000 of a new type delayed-action bombs. Each was a rectangular box about three inches by two inches by one, colored orange—in honor of the House of Orange. Each bore the letters V (for Victory) and W…

Norway Starts Something


In The Netherlands a Dutch Nazi was knifed while attending another Nazi’s funeral.

isorder flared dangerously in Hitler’s New Order last week. In Norway, most persistent trouble-maker for the German conquerors, spontaneous outbursts against Nazi rule broke out from Oslo to Narvik.

Disquiet in Oslo reached a crest when 2,000 workers in the Akers shipbuilding yards went on strike. They resented Nazi plundering…

Porcupine Nest


A report on the Netherlands-Indies, since all Japan’s plans are made with an eye on the Indies, the Dutch are buying war equipment in the U.S. Van Mook is portrayed as a strong negiotiator.

Van Mook on the cover of Time Magazine in 1941Abandoning his tour of Western Austral ia and summoning his Cabinet, Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies hurried back to Melbourne this week. The chips were down in the Far East ; the next thing to be seen was Japan’s hand. Bob Menzies said that the people of Australia were standing… View large cover


More Guns


The Netherlands East Indies bought large quantity of a new military rifle. It is needed to protect East India rubber, tin, oil, and is of immediate defense concern to the U.S.

Across a red brick factory near Providence, R.I. a huge sign sprawls: UNIVERSAL WINDING co., WORLD’S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF TEXTILE WINDING MACHINES.

Behind that peaceful boast, a miracle in production-for-war was being worked last week. Nine months from scratch—in just half the time normally necessary for production preliminaries—Universal…

Modern Conveniences


For air-raid shelters, recently dug trenches in Surabaya, Java, are used as W.C.s by natives.

Surabaya, Java, for air-raid shelters, recently dug trenches, screened them with bamboo as protection against bomb splinters and flying debris. Last week travelers from Java reported that a few weeks after the shelters were built pleased natives wrote a letter of thanks to the Government. “Thank you very much for…

Flying Visit


Prince Bernhard appeared suddenly in Ottawa. He had flown the Atlantic for a two-week visit with his family. They planned a trip to the U.S., a call on Pres. Roosevelt at the White House.

For nearly a year Crown Princess Juliana of The Netherlands has lived quietly in Canada with her two daughters, separated almost for the first time in her life from her mother, tough-fibered Queen Wilhelmina. Also in England with the Queen has stayed the Princess’ fast-driving, German-born consort, Prince Bernhard.


Thank You, Mr. van Mook


Last week The Netherlands East Indies slapped Japan’s face, when the Netherlands were not willing to increase shipments of rubber, tin, oil and other foods of war.

Last week The Netherlands East Indies slapped Japan’s face, and Japan took it with nothing more than a face-saving tightening of the features.

For months a Japanese commission under the polite but theoretically tough Kenkicho Yoshizawa has tried to get The Netherlands East Indies to promise Japan greatly increased shipments…

Why Leyden Was Closed


Leyden University was closed after Professor Cleveringa openly protested against the dismissal of Jewish Professor Meyers by the Nazi’s.

How a professor’s heroic speech led to the closing of The Netherlands’ famed 365-year-old University of Leyden was last week revealed by Leydeners in Manhattan who had just received a full report smuggled from their home town.

As reward for their bravery in fighting Spanish rule, William of Orange three…

New Bet South


It was rumored that trade negotiations between the Netherlands-Indies Japan were near breakup. Minister of Foreign Affairs Kleffens warned they would fight whoever attacked them.

There was more evidence than newspaper talk and statesmen’s declarations last week that Japan was taking some of its military blue chips out of China and staking them against the game farther south. Shanghai reported that Japan was already withdrawing troops from inner China toward the seacoast. Shanghai prophets predicted…

Beggars Underground


In none of her unwilling provinces does the Third Reich find stiffer, more stubborn resistance than in The Netherlands.

In none of her unwilling provinces does the Third Reich find stiffer, more stubborn resistance than in The Netherlands. Focus of stolid Dutch hatred of the Nazis is a secret society called “Les Gueux” (The Beggars), blamed by the Germans for recent widespread riots. Fortnight ago, breathing brimstone, a German…

New Disorder


The Dutch went on strike and riots broke out and had to be put down by the Nazi’s. Dutchmen faithful to the House of Orange wore orange flowers.

Last week Adolf Hitler’s little conquered peoples kept bravely bucking his “new order” in Europe.

In The Netherlands strikes and riots led to the killing of six civilians in a clash between the police and what Nazis called “disturbers of the peace.” So violent was the atmosphere that the Amsterdam…

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