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Plans for the Hour


Without ceremony or circumstance, Wilhelmina marked the 45th anniversary of her coronation. On Radio Orange she said that full arrangements for the “hour of liberation” were made.

Without ceremony or circumstance, 63-year-old Queen Wilhelmina marked the 45th anniversary of her coronation. In London the Queen spent a Hausfrau’s day at home with her son-in-law, Prince Consort Bernhard, took routine spins on her bicycle.

At night, over BBC’s Radio Orange, she spoke to her anti-Nazi burghers across the…

Dutch Doctor Strike


Dutch doctors shut their offices and went on strike after they were forced to join a Nazi-created Chamber of Physicians.

Dutch doctors have forced a dose of political castor oil down the throats of Holland’s Nazi overlords. Furious because the doctors refused to join a Nazi-created Chamber of Physicians, the Nazis threatened them with penalties. Thereupon 6,200 Dutch doctors shut their offices, went on strike. They told Reich Commissioner Arthur…

More C


A new root vegetable called “wobbie,” a cross between a carrot and a beet, with three to four times more vitamin C than either, is already under wide cultivation in The Netherlands.

Food-front news reported last week:

>New strains of cabbage that have up to twice as much vitamin C as the old varieties have been developed at the Department of Agriculture’s regional laboratory in Charleston. S.C., but seed is not likely to be available to gardeners for several years.

>A new…

Second Longest


In the heart of the Netherlands Indies American bombers successfully completed the second longest air raid for land-based bombers in the Pacific War.

It was noon, and the tropic sun beat down on placid Macassar, in the Celebes, deep in the heart of The Netherlands Indies. Macassar had served the Jap well as an inner base through which to funnel supplies to forward areas. Last week there were six medium-sized cargo vessels…

Monstrous Order


Nazi measure against Holland’s Jews (sterilization of Jews who marry Aryans) flamed the Dutch with anger. Roman Catholic and Protestant church leaders protested.

The kind, easygoing people of The Netherlands flamed with anger at the latest Nazi measure against Holland’s Jews; an order for sterilization of Jews who marry what Adolf Hitler calls Aryans. So did their churches. Last week Roman Catholic and Protestant church leaders drew up a stern joint protest, sent…

The Invitation


Underground tribunals sentenced 47 collaborationists to death. The NL. government in exile radioed instructions to stalwart Hollanders to resist the internment order by every possible means.

From conquered Europe came a spate of stories of sabotage and revolt. In themselves these acts did not threaten the Nazi regime, but they did demonstrate that Allied armies will not fight alone when Europe is invaded.

Yugoslavia. A German correspondent with Axis forces fighting against the Partisans wrote:


A Little Bit for Holland


In Java jungles and in occupied Holland Dutchmen are awaiting the news of The Netherlands’ Crown Princess Juliana giving birth to her third child.

In Java jungles Dutch guerrillas waited last week for the news. In London Queen Wilhelmina and ministers of The Netherlands Government in Exile fidgeted. In Occupied Holland people kept watch in doorways while inside their homes forbidden radio sets were tuned to London. In “a little bit of Holland” in…

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