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New Records


Two new major labels have been added to the U.S. market, one of them is Epic, controlled by Philips, releasing performences by such orchestras as Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw.

To the rich and growing roster of recording labels in the U.S., two new and distinctly major labels have been added. Their names are Angel and Epic, both feature luxurious recorded sound, and U.S. record buyers are due to hear a good deal more of them.

The Angel label reflects…

Macromolecules & Phase


Dr. Fritz Zernike, 65, of Groningen, The Netherlands, won the Nobel Prize in physics for his invention of the phase contrast microscope.

This year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry went to Hermann Staudinger, 72, of Freiburg, West Germany, who is considered the father of the study of macro-molecules. When he started his work, many organic compounds were known to contain large groups of atoms, but these were considered mere mechanical clumpings of smaller…



A fine old Dutch custom (when the winter ice is firm enough) is to stage a skating race, point to point, Last week Dutch Jews staged a variant: a synagogue auto rally.

A fine old Dutch custom (when the winter ice is firm enough) is to stage a skating race, point to point, through towns of the northern Netherlands. Last week, proud of the synagogues restored or newly built since the end of Nazi occupation, Dutch Jews staged a variant: a synagogue…

Princess Apparent


A report on the life of actress Audrey Hepburn, who lived in Arnhem the Netherlands during the war.

Princess Anne’s pretty, high-arched feet were tired. The endless rounds of official visits required of royalty on tour had left her toes cramped and sore. Her face showed no sign of her trouble as she stood —aloof, beautiful and dignified in flowing white brocade—to receive the distinguished noblemen and…

Operation North Pole


Colonel H. J. Giskes, onetime chief of German military counterespionage in The Netherlands, tells how he masterminded Operation North Pole.

LONDON CALLING NORTH POLE (208 pp.)—H. J. Giskes—British Book Centre ($3.50).

The decisive moment for Operation North Pole came at 2 p.m. on March 15, 1942. At that moment H. M. G. Lauwers, a Dutch agent of British Intelligence, sat in a German police headquarters near The Hague…

A Small Yes


The Netherlands became the second member nation to approve the six-nation European Army EDC (European Defense Community).

Never before had prospects of a six-nation European Army (EDC) seemed less hopeful. Convinced that the Soviet menace is waning fast, Europeans no longer felt the need to surrender some of their own sovereignty, or to permit 400,000 Germans to join them in a common uniform. The drive toward European…

Friendly Difficulties


There is friction in the Benelux countries (biggest international trade on the Continent). Representatives of the three friendly countries met to reconcile their growing differences.

In the vacuum of exile during World War II, the governments of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg spent much of their time working out plans for the happy day of liberation. Their most ambitious scheme was for economic union: interstate free trade, a common tariff and excise, a free exchange…

Helping Hearts


The help of old Allies during the North Sea floods has grown into a special kind of comradeship.

As if Western Europe had not already had more than enough of weather, howling blizzards swirled down on Britain last week, while high spring tides threatened The Netherlands and rivers overflowed in Belgium. But man’s battle with nature was slowly being won. Everywhere, catastrophe and the willingness to share it…

Flood’s Wake


Helps comes from all over the world to rescue victims of the North Sea flood and to repare broken dikes. U.S. Airman 3rd Class Reis Leming performed a heroic task saving many.

In The Netherlands village of Dubbeldam, a handful of sober, weary Dutchmen paused for a moment to stand bareheaded before a row of four rough wooden coffins, but there was little time for mourning. The very next night new gales whipped the swollen tides down the wind tunnel of the…

Soldier’s Legacy


A Dutch family took care of a grave of a WWII U.S. soldier. The Dutch family searched for the soldier’s family in N.J. and began a long and warm correspondence.

When the priest asked parishioners to “adopt” the graves of Americans in the nearby U.S. Military Cemetery at Margraten, The Netherlands, Harry Van Der Tuyn thought it might be a small but altogether fitting means of repaying the liberators of his country. At first his soldier was unknown to Van…



The North Sea flood and the associated storm combined created a major natural disaster which swept islands, villages and cities underwater, leaving hundreds of people dead.

Whirling down from the northeast Atlantic, a tiny but intense low-pressure area widened last week as it swept toward the pushing tides of the North Sea. The wind and the tides met and joined in mutual fury, then smashed at the British Isles and the Low Countries. Dikes crumbled. Whole…

Dry-Land Cruise


At the 43rd annual Motor Boat Show opened in Manhattan’s Grand Central Palace, Dutch FEADSHIPs sailboats and cruisers are sold at prices well under those of U.S. yards.

J. P. Morgan was once asked by a friend: “How much does it cost to run a yacht?” Boomed the great J.P.: “Sir, if you have to know how much it costs, you shouldn’t own one.” Last week, as the 43rd annual Motor Boat Show opened in Manhattan’s Grand Central…

Tassman at Work


In The Hague, a Tassman, a correspondents for Tass, the official Russian news agency, who often behave more like Communist agents than reporters, was jailed on espionage charges.

Correspondents for Tass, the official Russian news agency, often behave more like Communist agents than reporters. But, though some U.S. newsmen suspect Tassmen, many of whom have little journalistic training, of being spies, they are rarely caught at it. (In Canada, one Tassman skipped home in 1945, just before he…

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