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Looser Reins


Queen Juliana reminded the world that the Dutch are still a colonial power in the Western Hemisphere—by graciously relinquishing part of that power by internal self-government.

Queen Juliana of The Netherlands last week reminded the world that the Dutch are still a colonial power in the Western Hemisphere—by graciously relinquishing part of that power. The Queen proclaimed a new Statute of the Kingdom, giving Surinam (Dutch Guiana) and The Netherlands Antilles complete internal self-government and…

Letting Down the Dutch


The U.N. committee urged the Dutch and Indonesia to solve the dispute of W. New Guinea. The U.S. abstained from voting, but the U.S. privately conceded to the Dutch to be right.

Lying north of Australia, New Guinea, an island the size of Scandinavia, is populated by an unknown number of fuzzy-haired tribesmen who have no idea of government. The eastern half of New Guinea is ruled by Australia; who should rule the western half was in grave dispute last week. West…

Sliding Portraits


In Paintings of Dick Ket, a painter in the school known as magic realism, paint had started to slide down because of impure linseed oil.

In the great wave of romanticism in the 19th and early 20th centuries, some painters became so absorbed in expression that they lost sight of the limitations of their materials. Ralph Albert Blakelock, the American romantic landscapist (1847-1919), delighted in the rich gloss of bitumen, a poor-drying, brown pigment, which…

Doubts & Debates


In the U.N. colonialism cut sharply across friendships, alliances and cold-war loyalties when Indonesia demanded debate on its proposal to eject the Dutch from W. New Guinea.

In its graceful glass and marble palace by New York’s East River, the ninth U.N. General Assembly opened last week with outward smoothness and inner doubts. Only one Big Four Foreign Minister, John Foster Dulles of the U.S., was on hand, and many delegates muttered that the U.N. was being…

End of the Union


In The Hague, Dutch and Indonesian delegates signed a protocol to end the political union. The Dutch took satisfaction in the fact that the economic links were left intact.

Of the empires that crumbled at the shock of nationalism after World War II, few fell apart so abruptly as The Netherlands’. Just three days after Japan’s surrender, Indonesia declared its independence and proclaimed the end of The Hague’s richest and biggest colony, The Netherlands East Indies. By late 1949,…

The President


The Hague born Robert Lombert, who said he was the supreme head of a worldwide underground organization was accused of swindling and  tossed in jail.

Theodorus Franciscus Lombert does not look much like a power in international affairs. Born at The Hague, this meek-looking, ne’er-do-well son of a tailor spent much of his young manhood pleading in court, but the courts were primarily interested in his connections with a series of shady charities. Nonetheless, all…



Eight nations were tied together this week in a European TV network. At lopik station programs were converted to the 625-lines. One of the future programs is Juliana at a garden party.

From Scotland’s Kirk of Shotts down to Rome, eight nations were tied together this week in a European TV network. The first image seen simultaneously in the eight Western European countries was an offshore view of the storied Castle of Chillon in Switzerland, which has been immortalized by Byron’s…

Shifting Votes


Catholics in the Netherlands celebrated their restoration as the nation’s biggest party in the last provincial election, polling 31.5% of the votes.

After four years of rule by the Social Christian (Catholic) Party, Belgium last week got a new government, headed by moderate Socialist Achille van Acker, 56, a stubby, ever-smiling ex-basketworker who has been Premier twice before. Presiding over a coalition of Socialists and free-enterprising Liberals, Premier van Acker will control…

A Favor for the Queen


A confidential letters reminding editors of all Dutch newspapers of an agreement not to print anything about the royal family without prior clearance by the government.

At her palace recently, Queen Juliana of The Netherlands received two of Holland’s top newsmen. Editor in Chief Dr.Maarten Rooy of the Nieuwe Rotter-damse Courant and Robert Peereboom of the Haarlems Dagblad. Said the Queen: she was upset by press coverage and pictures of her and Prince Bernhard on…

Opening the Door


The Dutch, a hardheaded people, know no better alternative to “the Russian threat” and “the German problem,” and approved to hand over control of its army to the EDC.

In the 17th century Senate building in The Hague, Dutch Foreign Minister Johan Beyen last week asked his country’s elder statesmen to hand over control of The Netherlands’ proud little army and 20,000-man air force to a supranational authority that does not yet exist. The European Army (EDC) has never…

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