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The Light of Holland


Last week Philips presented its latest progress report on Philips’ amazing comeback. A short account on the history and current status of the electronics company from Eindhoven.

When Nazi Panzer divisions overran The Netherlands in World War II, one of the places they headed for first was the great Philips company electric works at Eindhoven. But hours before their arrival, 25 top Philips scientists and executives slipped away via British destroyers, carrying with them vital secrets that…

The Enforcers


The Amsterdam underwold took matters into own hand to stop the big gang of Amsterdam’s longhaired teen-age punks, the nozems.

Like big city cops all the way from Manhattan to Tokyo, police in once placid Amsterdam were being run ragged by teen-age punks. Dressed in juvenile delinquency’s international uniform—leather jacket and blue jeans—Amsterdam’s longhaired nozem* liked to roar around the city’s central Dam Square on souped-up motorcycles, scaring…

“That Rotten Dike”


Ten years ago a road was built on a dike that connected Urk to the mainland and traditions began to change. A new Urk law made it a crime to cuddle after dark along public roads.

Far from the bustle and night life of the big cities, The Netherlands is still dotted with some of the world’s dourest Calvinist communities. Among its grimmest is the former islet of Urk (pop. 5,500), a fishing village on the Zuider Zee. On Sundays, Urkers still separate their hens from…

The Queen & the Saucers


Queen Juliana’s weakness for the preternatural had landed her back in Dutch newspaper headlines: She had invited to the palace a crackpot from California.

“In the past,” grumbled Amsterdam’s De Volkskrant, “the Dutch press was blamed—and not entirely without reason —for too long concealing the fact that there swarmed about the court people whose heads were too much in the clouds.” The Dutch press could hardly be accused of concealing the facts last…

Good Buys, But.. .


U.S. investors went to Europe. The analysts liked Holland and Germany best, particularly their electronic and chemical industries and because of little government interference.

Trooping through The Netherlands last week went 78 American tourists whom most European businessmen were particularly anxious to impress. The tourists were all members of the New York Society of Security Analysts on a field trip to see whether European securities are a good buy. Conclusion after touring 37…

Land Without a Country


The border in a town partly called Baarle-Hertog and the other Baarle-Nassau, is quite complex. A belgian stepped to court to know whether he lived on Belgian or Dutch soil.

For more than a century everyone had managed to get along just fine, even though part of the town was called Baarle-Hertog and was Belgian, and the other was called Baarle-Nassau and was Dutch. Then one day in 1939, a Belgian named Sooi Van Den Eijnde decided to lead his…



Report on the great 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch, who lived an died in ’s Hertogenbosch.

THE great 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch was much obsessed with sin and hell; his best-known paintings are populated by griffons, scarabs and demons in a fantastic landscape in which sinners ride on mice, embrace pigs, are bound, speared and tortured by horrifying monsters. Lustful monks and covetous priests are…

Wait for the Bubble


Last year, 100 drivers and passengers drowned in canals before help arrived. Now, free lessons are given in how to escape from a sunken car.

Along with all the other problems that beset the motorist the world over, drivers in Holland have one added hazard to contend with: the canals. An average of two cars a day slip their brakes, back into or otherwise plunge into the country’s famed waterways. Last year, 100 drivers and…

This Is Whose Life?


A surprise act, sending over homesick immigrants from Canada back to Netherlands, turns out not to be a pleasant suprise.

Many a fascinated viewer of This Is Your Life has often had the fond dream that the treacle might some day explode in gladsome Ralph Edwards’ face. In the dream the couch of honor is occupied by someone like Mary Pickford’s former hairdresser, and Edwards, clutching the Book, tremulously introduces…

The Rolling Snowball


After two negro boys (10 and 8 ) kissed a white girl and were sent to reform school Dutch pupils sent 12,000 letters to president Eisenhower asking to set the boys free.

Stephanus Saris, 34, a headwaiter by trade, is the kind of man who gets interested in far-off causes. In 1956 he raised $93,000 for Hungarian refugees. Recently, at the Roman Catholic boys’ club in Rotterdam that he helps run, he showed the boys a newspaper clipping. It described how two…

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