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Flying Dutchman


Enraged by Indonesia’s noisy propaganda threats, The Netherlands sent off to Asian waters the aircraft carrier Karel Doorman.

All that is left of the once rich East Indies empire of the Dutch is the far-from-wealthy colony of West New Guinea. Indonesia, which inherited all the rest of the empire, covets New Guinea too. Enraged by Indonesia’s noisy propaganda threats, The Netherlands last June sent off to Asian waters…

Rash Improvement


Unilever introduced an improved version of Planta’s margerine. But as Planta’s sales curves soared, Dutch doctors began getting patients troubled by a strange and painful itch.

Early last month, when a splashy advertising campaign urged Dutchmen to “taste the improvement” in their favorite spread, thousands of housewives obediently followed directions. Most of them agreed that there was indeed something different about the new version of their old friend Planta, the good-eating margarine made by Van den…

Child’s Play


Although Indonesia celebrated its 15th year of independance, men were in the streets to protest. For the 4,000 Dutch who remain threatenings continue.

Nothing ever works quite the way it should in Indonesia. Scarcely had the red and white flags been put up to celebrate the nation’s 15th independence day last week when workmen were back in the streets of Djakarta. Their task: to take down 12-ft.-high poster portraits of Guinea’s President…

Seven New Hats


Pope John XXIII last week added new members to the College of Cardinals, among them archbishop Bernard Jan Alfrink, 59, from The Netherlands town of Nijkerk.

For the third time during the 17 months of his reign, Pope John XXIII last week added new members to the College of Cardinals. From 1586, when Pope Sixtus V reorganized the college, the traditional membership had been fixed at 70.

Two years ago Pope John broke through the old…

The Hired Man


Hendrik Bally, a 65-year old man, nearly deaf and blind, who lived with his boss Farmer Kolkman, was badly treated for years.

In The Netherlands, which takes its welfare-state benefits seriously, a conscientious civil servant in the village of Diepenveen (pop. 4,018) decided to go out and inform a local farm hand named Hendrik Bally in person that the government, now that he had turned 65, would henceforth pay him a pension…

The Girls from De Walletjes


The longtime indifference of staidest Dutchmen to one of Europe’s worst red-light districts has recently been shaken by a series of brutal murders.

In front of the 14th century Old Church in Amsterdam lies a half-mile-square district of gabled houses, narrow streets and tree-shaded canals known as De Walletjes (little walls). An evening stroller, glancing into ground-floor rooms, sees what appears to be a succession of genre pictures by Vermeer: in each, a…

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