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Fight over the Papuans


Foreign minister Luns proposed handing over New Guinea to the U.N., which could then allow the native Papuans to determine their own fate. Sukarno wants to liberate West Irian.

As India’s armed forces rolled into Goa last week, Indonesia’s jaunty President Sukarno tried to hitch a ride. Standing beneath a canopy in the cultural center of Djokjakarta, Sukarno told a wildly cheering crowd of 100,000 to prepare “for the coming general mobilization of all the Indonesian people soon to…

Tradition Unbound


In Judo, The Netherlands’ hulking (6 ft. 5 in. 238 lbs.) Anton Geesink fought Japan’s smaller (6 ft. 1 in. 198 lbs.) Koji Sone, and won.

The two barefoot, kimono-clad contestants bowed, gripped sleeves, and stared at each other with furious concentration. The silent S.R.O. crowd in Paris’ Pierre de Coubertin Stadium strained to catch the first muscular move. With The Netherlands’ hulking (6 ft. 5 in. 238 lbs.) Anton Geesink fighting Japan’s smaller (6 ft….

Therapeutic Pen


For the last seven years editorial cartoonist, Fritz Behrendt, has thrust repeatedly at world Communism with one of the sharpest and most therapeutic pens in all of Europe.

On Amsterdam’s ancient, influential, and conservative Algemeen Handelsblad (literally “general commercial newspaper”), the convictions of a stocky displaced German named Fritz Behrendt stick out like battle flags. To hear Behrendt tell it, the whole world is sick, and he is just the doctor it needs. “There are a lot of…

Closing the Gap


After North Sea flood in 1953 a $650 million plan was made damming up four of the region’s principal sea arms. Fortnight ago the Delta Plan marked its first milestone.

On one calamitous day early in 1953, a howling northwester teamed with a wild spring tide. The resulting floods were the most disastrous to afflict The Netherlands in five centuries. Hardest hit were 1,300 square miles of Rhine and Meuse delta lands in The Netherlands’ southwest, where tidal surges roared…

Absorbed, Crazed & Obsessed


The Kennedy Admin. refused to send a U.S. representative to ceremonies of the installation of The Netherlands New Guinea’s first elected council, to show itself neutral in the controversy.

President Sukarno of Indonesia is probably the most footloose head of state since Richard the Lionhearted. Last week, as is his yearly wont, he took leave from his Djakarta palace and his lesser palace at Bogor, with its surrounding park stocked with small white deer, to fly off on a…

Up from the Stone Age


Indonesia’s Defense Minister was promised 450 million in military aid from Moscow. The Dutch are reluctant to abandon W.N. Guinea until the Papuans are ready for self-government.

Three weeks ago, Indonesia’s Defense Minister Abdul Haris Nasution set off for Moscow on what he called his “West Irian mission.” Last week he returned to Djakarta in triumph. His trophy was a promise of $450 million in military aid and equipment, enough to double the fighting potential of Indonesia’s…

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