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Abstracts for Industry


Alexander Orlow, managing director of Holland’s Turmac Tobacco Co., commissioned 13 painters to produce art for his plant.


Alexander Orlow, 48, managing director of Holland’s Turmac Tobacco Co., has put his love for abstract art to industrial use. “However complicated the operation of a machine may look,” he says, “it soon becomes a monotonous routine to a factory worker.” Like many another industrial leader,  Orlow…

Leaky Dikes


The Dutch have a severe balance-of-payments deficit, and with wages up 36.5% in three years and living costs climbing 5% annually, inflation is higher than any European neighbor.

Hans Brinker, Holland’s storybook skating whiz, needn’t hock the silver skates — not yet. But the way the Dutch economy is going, the occasion may arise. Holland has a severe balance-of-payments deficit, and with wages up 36.5% in three years and living costs climbing at an annual rate of 5%, the…

Crowned with Money


Sympathetic Dutch legislators are expected to double Juliana’s base pay, making her Europe’s highest-paid monarch. From $690,500 to $1,436,000

Living like a king—or queen—is expensive. Queen Juliana of The Netherlands, for example, has long been about to go broke on her $690,500 “civil list” salary. After all, out of that amount she has to pay the wages of some 280 workers of her palace household, ranging from…

Diplomatic Corpse


Hsu Tzu-tsai, chief of Red China’s nine-man delegation to the International Congress for Welding Technique was maltreated, kidnapped and murdered because of trying to defect to the West.

The body first appeared on a sleepy Saturday afternoon in mid-July. A Dutch businessman driving home from work spotted it on the sidewalk outside the house at No. 17 Prince Maurice Lane, a stately residential avenue in The Hague. He stopped. The street was deserted. He ran to the house…

Fun on the Run


In Amsterdam the provos, a well-organized group of young artists, writers, intellectuals and university students, who are opposed to just about everything, started demonstrating.

Like their counterparts at Berkeley, the Provos (provokers) of Amsterdam are always good for a chuckle. A well-organized group of young artists, writers, intellectuals and university students, they are opposed to just about everything. They have urged the government to paint all Amsterdam chimneys white to eliminate smoke and…

Power Struggle


Some of Europe’s best mines are being shuttered; the Dutch State Mines are diversifying, already earn more from chemicals than from coal, and are retraining miners to make Daf cars.

Europe’s coal miners, who are as politically potent and as well protected as America’s farmers, are in a querulous mood. In past months, miners have staged angry protest marches in Germany’s Ruhr and battled against truncheon-swinging police in Belgium (toll: two dead). Behind this unrest is an upheaval in the…

Toward a Trillion


The Dutch are unique in having invested more capital in than taken from the U.S. Their businessmen feel emotionally drawn to the U.S. more than to any of the members of the Common Market.

In its explosive expansion, the Atlantic Community is going to need the vertiginous sum of $1 trillion in new capital over the next ten years. The scarcity of capital is of course greatest in European nations, and the supply is of course greatest in the U.S. Thus, says the Atlantic…

Orange Blossoms


In Europe’s wealthiest reigning family, the 400-year-old House of Orange, apple-cheeked Crown Princess Beatrix, 28, was about to marry West German Diplomat Claus von Amsberg, 39.


All Amsterdam was agog as the banner with a heart and crown went up across Kalverstraat, the city’s Fifth Avenue. And huisvrouwen goggled from their windows at open-topped limousines bearing 300 royal guests through town for a little prenuptial sightseeing at the Rijkmuseum and the city’s famed…

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