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Catechism in Dutch


In the U.S. some Roman Catholic prelates have done all they could to discourage U.S. circulation of the Dutch catechism, a lively, undogmatic compendium of doctrine.

Catechism in Dutch

Some Roman Catholic prelates have done all they could to discourage U.S. circulation of the Dutch catechism (TIME, Aug. 18), a lively, undogmatic compendium of doctrine that reflects the most recent radical insights of theologians and scripture scholars. First the Roman Curia ordered a thorough study of…

Reformation Day Looks Ahead


Nowhere is ecumenical enthusiasm for Reformation Day greater than in the NL. Catholic, Protestant and Jewish scholars have participated in preparing a series of documentaries on Luther.

On Oct. 29, Reformation Sunday, members of ten Protestant churches in Albert Lea, Minn., will proceed in a motorcade to the Roman Catholic Benedictine Abbey of St. John’s at Collegeville. There, leaders of the churches will hand over the proceeds of a special collection as a contribution toward completing a…

More Sparks from Holland


Dutch clerics are involved in theological disputes with Rome over two bestselling books that deal with fundamental church issues.

Pope Paul VI issued yet another statement last week cautioning the faithful about ultra-reformist tendencies in the wake of the Second Vatican Council.

The Pontiff rebuked those who are trying “to attribute to the council every type of novelty, even going so far as to question fundamental doctrines of Catholicism,…

Working While Waiting


At Rotterdam’s Europoort, with there massive oil refineries, deepened the port’s sea channel to accommodate larger tankers.


Although Middle East oil production is near its prewar level, the refineries of Western Europe will continue to feel the pinch for some time to come. Reason: until the Suez Canal is un plugged, oil tankers must take a two-week detour around the Cape of Good Hope. At…

Luxury on the Track


Trans Europe Express was born of a desire to make travel truly pleasant, a brainchild of Frans Den Hollander, he succeeded in eliminating visa-checking delays at borders.

Sleek, high-speed aircraft may be the hallmark of 20th century transportation.

But in Western Europe these days, planes are getting increasing competition from the oldfashioned, earthbound railroad train. Across the Continent, a spreading network known as the Trans Europe Express is holding its own in the jet age — and teaching…

In The Netherlands a branch of the church has suddenly become the acknowledged center of avant-garde thinking within Catholicism, openly discussing a break from the formal dogma.

The Second Vatican Council unleashed a passion for change in the Roman Catholic Church that has shown no signs of subsiding. And nowhere has the urge to question and challenge the past taken deeper roots than in The Netherlands, where a branch of the church once noted for its stodgy…

The New Order


Sukarno was removed by Suharto. He must clean up the incredible economic mess that Sukarno has made of Indonesia. As a Dutch colony Indonesia supplied the world with its riches.

At long last, after months of delays and confusion, Indonesia’s Sukarno was removed as his country’s chief of state. The People’s Consultative Congress, Indonesia’s highest legislative body, stripped him of his presidential powers and turned them over to General Suhar to, the strongman who already exercised them in fact.


Slowing Down


Because of sharp inflation and a mounting balance-of-payments deficit, the central bank has introduced hardfisted monetary policies. The result: the economy is cooling off considerably.

Throughout its remarkable postwar prosperity, Western Europe has reacted fast to fight inflation. Lately, it may have overreacted: with country after country splashing cold water on overheated economies, icicles have started forming. After clipping along at a 5.6% pace in 1964, the Continent’s overall economic growth rate dropped to 4%…

Fairchild will build a F28 compact-jet in cooperation with Royal Netherlands Aircraft Factories Fokker. The Dutch company has designed the plane and built its prototype.

The roar of publicity over such super-commercial airplanes as the SST and Boeing’s 747 jumbo jet has largely drowned out the hum of a smaller but still important market. Lured by the economy of jet planes and lifted by their earnings from increased traffic, regional airlines around the U.S. have…



To bridge the technology gap beteween the U.S. and Europe, The Netherlands has raised its scientific-research budget by 45% over the past two years.

WESTERN Europe is gripped by a growing, almost obsessive fear that it is falling victim to American economic conquest. And that conquest, so the lament goes, is spearheaded by American technology. Armed with technological prowess that European firms cannot match, giant U.S. corporations are winning control over crucial industries. Many…

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