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Surrender in Amsterdam


At the Indonesian consulate in Amsterdam ended the hostage taking by S. Mollucan terrorists. 25 hostages walked out, soon afterward their seven captors surrendered to Dutch police.

Shortly after noon last Friday, the bright flag of the self-proclaimed South Moluccan Republic—red, with green, white and red bars—was pulled back inside a window of the Indonesian consulate in Amsterdam. Minutes later, 25 hostages—ten women and 15 men, most of them Indonesian—walked out of the…

Siege in Holland


At week’s end, South Moluccan gunmen who had taken over a railroad train finally surrendered after 13 days and released 23 hostages. Dutchmen grew more and more outraged.

In eastern Holland, dark-skinned parishioners were shocked and frightened when rocks shattered windows in their church. A 16-year-old Indonesian girl was attacked by young Dutch toughs. Dutch newspaper offices and The Netherlands Justice Ministry were flooded with thousands of letters, many of them demanding a government decision to, as one…

Murder on the Milk Train


South Mollucan terrorists held train passengers hostage. Demanding the Dutch help them gain independence from Jakarta. The Moluccan headache is a heritage of the old days of empire.

Early last Tuesday morning, six men carrying machine guns, a pistol and a hunting rifle boarded a four-car electric “milk train” at the Dutch town of Assen. Shortly after it left Beilen, ten miles away, the terrorists stopped the train and seized the passengers as hostages. As police and Dutch…

The most enthusiastic advocates of Surinam’s independence have been the Dutch. They are rapidly trying to unload the vestiges of its old colonial empire, an anachronistic embarrassment.

After four days of debate that often lasted until dawn, the parliament of the world’s newest, and 156th, sovereign state unanimously approved a constitution. The staid, protocol-conscious assembly in Surinam’s capital of Paramaribo erupted in cheers. Outside, a crowd waiting for the vote roared its approval and set off celebratory…

Video in the Round


By the end of 1976, both RCA’s SelectaVision and a N.V. Philips Co./MCA’s Disco-Vision, plan to market their video disc systems in the U.S.

Can current television sets be equipped to play recorded programs that could be purchased and stored like so many hi-fi discs? Manufacturers have been competing for a decade to be first to provide a practical answer. Trouble is, both videotapes and films are too expensive to produce for the mass…

Workers on the Board


In Europe worker participation in management decision making is an established idea. In the NL, every firm with more than 100 employees must form a works council of up to 25 employees.

By instinct and tradition, U.S. labor unions have been content to leave the actual running of companies to management, preferring to stress the bread-and-butter issues of wages, hours and working conditions. But in Europe, worker participation in management decision making is an established idea that keeps spreading continually into more…

Sweet Sixteen


Defense Ministers of the NATO-consortium announced jointly that the best and least expensive contender was the F16. Mirage-maker Dassault offered a discount to the Netherlands.

When four European NATO countries formed a consortium last year to buy 350 new lightweight fighter planes, a stiff competition ensued for what was quickly dubbed the “arms contract of the century.” Last week the Defense Ministers of Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway announced jointly that the best and…

Soldiers, Unite!


The army of The Netherlands is fully unionized. The union started off by demanding better pay for underpaid conscripts and soon began pushing for better working and living conditions.

Aside from the comic-strip troops of Al Capp’s Lower Slobbovia or the G.I.s who stumble through maneuvers at Camp Swampy with Beetle Bailey, the 70,000-man army of The Netherlands is probably the raunchiest-looking fighting force in the world. In startling contrast to the red-jacketed guardsmen who stand stiffly at attention…

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