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A Morning to Remember


Fire broke out on Dutch cruiseship aboard the M.S. Prinsendam, who conformed to the safety standards. All of the people aboard clambered into lifeboats and were rescued.

The Prinsendam fire kindles concern about safety at sea

“Every day is a day of joy aboard the M.S. Prinsendam. Six passenger decks are devoted to the luxurious vacation life you expect, with an ambience of intimacy and charm.” So begins a lavish illustrated brochure touting the pleasures of cruising…

A Dutch Money Master


The editor of World Financial Markets, the monthly newsletter, is Rimmer de Vries, 51, the most respected private forecaster of world currency exchange rates and trade flows.

Over the next five years OPEC’s petro powers will drain as much as $570 billion from the world’s oil-thirsty economies. Hardest hit will be the less developed countries. With their credit lines stretched to the snapping point, the LDCs may need $70 billion more than international banks are like ly…

Farewell to Jerusalem


United Nations Security Council decided to call on U.N. member states to quit Jerusalem as the site of their embassies. The most reluctant decision to move was made by The Netherlands.

The diplomatic corps packs up to move to Tel Aviv

Ever since Israel was founded in 1948, one of the eccentricities of diplomatic life in the country has been the existence of two separate embassy communities. By far the larger one, in Tel Aviv, did not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s…

Vintage Villains


Dutchmen, earning millions, are believed to have passed off several million bottles of cheap wine as the product of well-known French vineyards.

he Dutch connection is cut

Wine scandals are like bad vintages. They don’t happen every year, but often enough to offend good taste. In 1974 the Bordeaux region was rocked by the news that the respected firm of Cruse et Fils Freres had sold cheap Midi reds under more expensive…

Dutch Defeat


At the synod with Dutch bishops in Rome, John Paul had spoken often and, it was obvious, decisively, to persuade the Dutch bishops to enforce Vatican policy in their rebellious land.

Bishops back Vatican line

For each of the 15 days of deliberations, a white-robed Pope John Paul II sat Sphinxlike, jotting down notes but never saying a word. Or so went the official version of the extraordinary synod of Dutch bishops at the Vatican, an account intended to play…

End of a Reign


Spoken in the informal, no-nonsense style, throughout a 31-year reign, Queen Juliana of The Netherlands told a national television audience that she would abdicate on her 71st birthday.

Juliana prepares to step down

“Everyone who is getting old is sooner or later confronted with the sober fact that powers diminish and that one cannot carry out one’s task as one used to. And then there comes a moment when it’s no longer justified to continue carrying out…

Washing Dirty Linen in Rome


Pope John Paul II confronts squabbling Dutch bishops, and summoning the bishops Johannes Gijsen, militantly conservative bishop of Roermond, and Cardinal Willebrands to Rome.

Pope John Paul II confronts squabbling Dutch bishops

Outside the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, radical Italian protesters last week waved placards declaring SYNOD EQUALS REPRESSION, WOJTYLA GO HOME and WOJTYLA EQUALS KHOMEINI. The gibes at John Paul II were signs of the tension surrounding a meeting beginning inside the palace. In…

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