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Robot Sabotage


Gerrit Nijland, a professor of industrial robotics has concluded a study of the acceptance of the robots in his country. The most common form of sabotage was to slow down the machines.

As the Industrial Revolution gathered strength in the 19th century, English workmen attempted to destroy new textile machines because they seemed to be taking away their jobs. Nearly two centuries later, some employees are using similar tactics against the new robots that are beginning to appear in more and more…

Five for the Future


European record companies, like Philips are willing to give young countrymen a push. Conductor Edo de Waart first gained recognition in America through some records issued by Philips.

American maestros preside over a vibrant orchestral scene

When the Cleveland Orchestra recently chose a new music director, it reached across the Atlantic to select Christoph von Dohnányi, a German of Hungarian descent who is head of the Hamburg State Opera. It is a familiar story. Once again a major…

War as a Media Event


Four Dutch TV newsmen set out to film rebel encampments in El Salvador were shot and killed. A large foreign press has rushed to El Salvador now.

In El Salvador, truth is elusive, danger too dose

At the Camino Real hotel in San Salvador, where most of them stay, the 200-odd foreign journalists in El Salvador daily swap stories of near misses and miraculous escapes. In one episode a photographer rolled under his car just in time…

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