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One for the Hare


Three weeks after Beer Tycoon Heineken, 60, and his chauffeur, Ab Doderer, 57, were abducted, one of the largest manhunts in Dutch history had stumbled upon a happy ending.

A kidnaped beer baron is freed

The police were just about to give up their search of the lonely Amsterdam warehouse. Then, by chance, one of them spotted a lock on the corrugated-tin wall at the back of the building. The opening led to a false wall, complete with a…

Bad Fortune


The multimillionaire chairman and majority stockholder of the brewery that bears his name, Alfred H. (“Freddie”) Heineken was abducted, his kidnappers demanded a ransom of $8.3 million.

A beer tycoon is abducted

He did everything possible to protect himself against kidnapers. Hidden TV cameras guarded his Amsterdam offices; high fences, security officers and vicious dogs protected his villa in Noordwijk, a seaside town 22 miles away. Last month his only daughter was married in secret, and though…

Keeping the Issues Separate


At a huge peace demonstration in The Hague, protesters held up a banner: Today Grenada, tomorrow Woensdrecht! The site of the NATO airbase where cruise missiles are to be installed.

Europeans say no to the invasion, but still yes to missiles

Sweeping down from low, dark clouds, the giant U.S. Air Force Galaxy transport rumbled to a landing at Greenham Common air-base in Britain. It was bearing a historic and controversial cargo: the first cruise missile launchers (minus as yet…

“A Country of Mutes”


Revolutionary leader Desi Bouterse ordered the arrest of 16 of the country’s most prominent citizens, incl. lawyers, journalists and labor leaders. All but one were dead the next morning.

Terror and Marxism replace tolerance and prosperity

Once upon a time the former colony of Dutch Guiana seemed to be an enchanted tropical paradise. Its gentle, unusually tolerant melange of Creole, Indian, Chinese and Javanese inhabitants were blessed with rich farming lands, rivers teeming with fish and one of the…

Selling the U.S., by George!


Bush toured Europe hoping to reassure allies. Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers proclaimed that he would judge progress at the INF talks by “only one criterion: the zero option.”

Hoping to reassure allies, Bush tours Europe and Shultz visits Asia

Vice President George Bush was in West Berlin, the Communist-encircled outpost where American leaders often enjoy ovations. In the mirrored ballroom of the Inter-Continental Hotel, his delivery was crisp, almost inspirational, as he told some 650 politicians, businessmen and…

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