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A Tidal Wave off Winners


At the ‘84 Olympic Games, the Dutch women may have deserved an award for the most medals from the smallest country: a total of six, incl. Van Staveren’s gold and Verstappen’s bronze.

U.S. swimmers, men and women, left opponents in their wake

The shape of a swimming race, when form holds, begins as a shallow V, swept back from Lane 4, where the fastest qualifier starts, to the humble wing positions of Lanes 1 and 8. The V sharpens until, if…

Styles for a Summer Night


A new film from the Netherlands is The 4th Man, in which a homosexual grudgingly accepts a wealthy woman’s favors in the hope that she will introduce him to her other lover.

New films from the U.S., The Netherlands, Britain and Mexico


Nice idea: a video game that is designed not merely as an amusement for idle teenage reflexes but as aptitude test and recruiting device for Star- fighters. These warriors are needed to defend a space frontier, maintained…

Off to the Summit


The Dutch decision pleased neither the U.S. nor the peace movement: if Soviets add even a single SS-20 missile to their present arsenal, The NL will accept the full complement of cruises.

Hoping for a show of unity, Reagan takes his record on the road

It is the sort of sentimental journey most tourists can only dream of: the successful American’s triumphal visit to the land from which obscure forebears set out for the New World generations ago. And so Ronald Reagan’s…

Battening Down the Hatches


Soviet Defense Minister Dmitri Ustinov warned that the new NATO missiles “increased the probability of a nuclear conflict.” The Soviet warning was certain to heighten anxiety in the NL.

Moscow issues plenty of bluster but no word on Sakharov

“In Washington, they are not interested in reaching agreement. They only speculate in general terms about the usefulness of dialogue.” That note of scorn in Soviet Leader Konstantin Chernenko’s remarks to West German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher last week was…

Breaking Camp at Greenham


For the first time, politicians were predicting that when the deployment plan comes up for parliamentary approval in June, Lubbers will almost certainly fall short of the required majority.

Britain ends a protest as The Netherlands hesitates over missiles

At the first light of a chilly dawn, 350 British police and bailiffs converged on the main gate of the Royal Air Force base at Greenham Common. For nearly three years, a ragtag band of women demonstrators had captured headlines…

Ruud Shock


P.M. Lubbers, who transformed The Netherlands into a European leading belt tightener, is convinced that the deployment of the missiles is necessary, though a decision is yet to be made.

The crunch and the cruise

Britain’s no-nonsense Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher stopped by The Hague not long ago to call on her Dutch counterpart, Ruud Lubbers. As conversation turned to their mutual attempts to impose economic austerity, the Dutch Christian Democratic leader outlined his bold program of budgetary cutbacks. Thatcher…

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