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Back to the Catholic Future


Schillebeeckx, a liberal theologian, whose theology has been investigated by the doctrinal commission, predicts that there will be attacks against German cardinal Ratzinger at the synod.

Wearing white chasubles, a grand assemblage of Roman Catholic bishops will file through St. Peter’s Square and into the basilica next Sunday to con-celebrate a Mass with Pope John Paul II. The stately ritual will mark the beginning of a two-week world synod of bishops, summoned by the Pope to…

Among Friends


With an eye to the likely deployment of missiles in the NL., the proposal from the Sofia meeting might suggest refraining stationing nuclear weapons in nations that do not already have them.

Disarray, disability and a death in the Kremlin had forced postponement of the Warsaw Pact’s biennial summit meeting for nearly a year. So by the time convoys of ZIL and Chaika limousines were finally streaking through the yellow brick streets of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, the meeting last week…

Annual sales of the newest high-tech wonder, the Compact Disk by Sony & Philips, which came on the U.S. market in 1983, will be the fastest-selling machine in home-electronics history.

The sound is as pure and compelling as a siren song, and consumers seem powerless to resist. They have been snapping up compact disk players, which reproduce music with near perfection, at a rate that is overwhelming both retailers and manufacturers. Annual sales of the newest high-tech wonder, which came…

Who Has the Bomb


In November 1984, a Dutch court sentenced him in absentia to four years in prison for espionage. Khan had copied the plans of the centrifuge process and sent them back to Pakistan.

It is called a research center, but the Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Research looks more like a fortress. Layers of barbed wire surround the sprawling complex in the dusty hills at Kahuta, 20 miles southeast of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. Much of the facility is buried beneath the earth, a precaution…

Pulling in the Welcome Mat


Pope John Paul II visited the Netherlands and received a remarkably unfriendly reception. There were street riots and also barbed comments from his hosts.

When Pope John Paul II takes to the road, crowds are almost always huge and the mood celebratory. The Pontiff’s magical spell, however, was abruptly snapped in the Netherlands last week during his 26th foreign journey. The Dutch, with 5.6 million Roman Catholics among 14.5 million citizens, accorded John Paul…

Is Seafood Good for the Heart?


A large dutch study found that the incidence of fatal heart disease was more than 50% lower among men who regularly ate fish than those who ate no fish at all.

There is no shortage of old wives’ tales about the virtues of eating fish: it is “brain food,” according to legend, and cod-liver oil is a cure for all that ails. The wives may have been onto something. Eating a little fish a day may indeed keep the doctor away,…

World Notes The Netherlands


The song Popie Jopie is but one indication of the hostility that will greet Pope John Paul II when he arrives in the NL. The purpose of the Pope’s visit is to defend orthodox church teachings.

“My name is Popie Jopie./ I happily travel ’round,/ And always when I arrive/ I spontaneously kiss the ground . . .” So runs last week’s fifth- most-popular song on Holland’s hit parade. The mild piece of satire contains a punster’s slap at Pope John Paul II: popie jopie is…

Foreign Minister Van den Broek, who visited Moscow, said that Gromyko seemed unwilling to make any concessions or any effort to understand the Dutch point of view.

For a month Ronald Reagan had been playing something of an unaccustomed role: the overanxious suitor. At nearly every opportunity, he betrayed his eagerness to meet with his Soviet counterpart. Two days after Mikhail Gorbachev was named Soviet Communist Party leader, Reagan invited him to a tete-a-tete in the…

European Labor in Retreat


Many union officials are optimistic about the future of organized labor. Typical of that attitude is Wim Kok, leader of the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation.

At 9 a.m. last Tuesday, 2,000 men marched through the black tarmac streets of Grimethorpe (pop. 5,237), a proud coal-mining town in the north of England. Led by the Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band, in blue blazers with shiny brass buttons, the marchers filed past rows of two-story red brick houses…

Discord in the Church


A difficult challenge to Rome on the autonomy issue has arisen in The Netherlands as Bishops have ignored Vatican dictates. Pope John Paul will visit the Netherlands next May.

On a gray and misty morning late last week, Pope John Paul II arrived at a $ Rome airport in a Mercedes-Benz limousine, quietly bade farewell to Vatican aides and boarded an Alitalia DC-10. Once again the Pope was airborne, setting forth this time on a strenuous twelve-day “pilgrimage of…

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