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Dutch leniency is aimed at isolating and controlling a problem under supervision of the authorities, but there appears to be an increasingly consensus: It has grown out of hand.

Ed van Thijn considers himself a tolerant man, but he readily admits that he is no longer as broad-minded as he was when he became mayor of Amsterdam in 1983. At that time the Dutch city of 700,000 was notorious as the drug capital of Europe, a place where hashish…

At Last, the Battle Is Joined


The Netherlands, which had 260 reported cases of AIDS as of April 1, began a government-sponsored “condom campaign” and continues to provide free sterilized needles to drug addicts.

“AIDS is surreptitiously spreading throughout our population, and yet we have no accurate measure of its scope. It is time we knew exactly what we are facing.”

With those words and after months of cautious deliberation and disagreement within his Administration, President Ronald Reagan finally unveiled a plan for combating…

Saintly Passions


Edith Stein, born a Jew, converted to Roman Catholicism and became Sister Teresa. This week Pope John Paul II will beatify Sister Teresa, but Edith Stein’s family disagree.

The Gestapo came for Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross at the Carmelite convent in Echt, the Netherlands, on Aug. 2, 1942. She and her older sister Rosa, who was living at the convent, were given five minutes to pack. Within a week the two women were at the gates…

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