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Olympic Shorts


American boxer Banks, who fought against Regilio Tuur of the Netherlands, ran into a hard right hand and suffered a one-punch knockout that left him unconscious for a full three minutes.

It was a dazed and daffy week in boxing. Typical of the confusion to come was the fate of Canadian featherweight Jamie Pagendam. On Sunday he was declared a loser on a technical knockout. On Monday he won a reversal because the Ivory Coast referee had miscounted knockdowns that should…

Who Was Jesus?


“The New Testament is the testimony of believing people,” says the liberal theologian Schillebeeckx. “What they are saying is not history but expressions of their belief in Jesus as Christ.”

In bygone centuries, an unorthodox vision like Martin Scorsese’s might have prompted heresy trials and burnings at the stake. Perhaps even a quick crusade mounted by ragtag armies. In the summer of 1988, the preferred methods of resistance are picket lines, economic boycotts and angry appearances on talk shows. If…

Airvision Inc., a joint venture of Warner Bros. and the Netherlands’ Philips, equips a Boeing 747 with a video system that allows passengers to watch anything of their choice on TV.

It may be enough to make the most dedicated couch potato feel right at home, even while cruising at 40,000 ft. Last week Northwest Airlines rolled out a Boeing 747 equipped with Airvision, a video system that allows passengers to watch their choice of anything from movies to cartoons on…



British soldiers, who had come from their base in West Germany to Roermond to join the festivities marking the birthday of the Queen Beatrix, were shot by a member of the IRA, killing one.

The British soldiers had driven from their base in West Germany to the Dutch town of Roermond to relax and join the festivities marking the birthday of the Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix. But the trip last week turned into a nightmare after a member of the Irish Republican Army opened fire…

The Lesser of Two Evils


New York tries to curb AIDS by supplying addicts with needles. Some 10,000 drug addicts in the NL. have registered in treatment programs, allowing authorities to maintain regular contact.

“As a public health official, I don’t have the luxury to be a moralist.” So said an unapologetic New York State health commissioner David Axelrod last week after approving a New York City plan to fight AIDS by providing drug addicts with sterile needles. The controversial program, which could begin…

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