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A Torrent of Dirty Dollars


The Netherlands Antilles, with cash flowing steadily from banking centers in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, is a favorite financial center for investors seeking a low profile.

In Willemstad, the sunny Caribbean capital of the Netherlands Antilles, a banker ushers an American visitor through a hotel casino and into a dining room overlooking the harbor. During refreshments, the prospective customer says he expects a six-figure cash windfall soon and would like to bring the money “quietly” into…

Part 3 Desperate Years


Fifty years after the the start TIME brings a series of extensive articles on World War II. Though the Dutch fought bravely, they were no match for Hitler’s blitzkrieg.

Exiled Thucydides knew

All that a speech can say

About Democracy,

And what dictators do . . .

The habit-forming pain,

Mismanagement and grief:

We must suffer them all again.

– SEPTEMBER 1, 1939, by W.H. AUDEN*

If one man could be singled out as Hitler’s most resolute and effective…

“Welcome To New Harlem!”


Black Harlem is one of the city’s main attractions, with 330 years echo of history. Peter Stuyvesant established Nieuw Haarlem in 1658, and it was later connected to New Amsterdam.

He lived there for years, and New Yorkers even named a street in his honor. But these days would dapper Duke Ellington feel at ease taking the A train 2 1/2 miles north from midtown Manhattan to black Harlem? Not if he believed the vision this New York City community…

Japan A Delicate Burial


Japan mourned the late Emperor Hirohito. The selection of a funeral delegation touched a nerve in the Netherlands, which lost 30,000 people as a result of the Japanese occupation.

For a weekend Japan mourned the late Emperor Hirohito. But by Monday morning it was business as usual. Proving that few events, not even the death of an imperial leader who reigned for more than six decades, can turn off their entrepreneurial juices for long, eager businessmen besieged a Justice…

Preparing for The Worst


How would societies respond if oceans were to rise. Constructing levees and dikes is an option. The NL., after all, has flourished more than 12 ft. below sea level for hundreds of years.

If the nations of the world take immediate action, the destruction of the global environment can be slowed substantially. But some irreversible damage is inevitable. Even if fossil-fuel emissions are cut drastically, the overall level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will still increase — along with the likelihood of…

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