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Blood on the Board


At the FIDE World Chess Championship in Zwolle, former world champion Karpov faced Dutch grandmaster Timman. However Kasparov was absent because of resentments against FIDE.

Amid the noise of jostling photographers and clacking shutters, the two combatants finally squared off last Tuesday on the stage of the Savoy Theater in London. In one corner, the challenger and clear crowd favorite, a pink- cheeked, brush-cut 28-year-old and the first native-born Briton ever to contend for the…

18 Rms, No Royal Vu


Buckingham Palace has been opened for tourists. It contains some great pictures, most are from the Netherlands.

The opening of Buckingham Palace to paying tourists this month at 8 pounds ($12) a head hasn’t quite lived up to its advance publicity; what does, these days? The mere possession of a ticket, raved the New York Times last June, “will have the magical properties of fairy gold…

Safer Sleep


After a national campaign to switch sleeping positions of babies, the already low Dutch rate of Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), or crib death, fell from 1.3 to 0.6 cases per 1,000.

| The phone call came while Robert Shaw, features editor at the Des Moines Register, was researching a story at the newspaper’s library. His son Benjamin, three months old, had stopped breathing during his afternoon nap. “They told me to meet my wife at the hospital, which is about five…

The Skin Trade


Legalized prostitution, as in the Netherlands and Germany, “is an open door for traffickers,” claims Janice Raymond, an activist with the U.S.-based Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.

On Saturday nights, as many as 300 young women line the margins of E55, a Czech highway near the German border. Their costumes vary: light frocks, skimpy red dresses, glow-in-the-dark Spandex pants. They speak a babel of languages: Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, German. But they have only one thing to…

Rx For Death


With Jack Kevorkian, discussion on legal assisted suicide arose in the U.S. Ethicists point to the world’s euthanasia laboratory, the Netherlands, where doctors are allowed to do so.

Death abides with all fanatics, not least because they are so often willing to risk it for their cause. It presses close around Jack Kevorkian, the doctor who has made death his specialty, closer still last week as he returned to the practice that so often had seemed destined…

Choosing Death


Dutch parliament approved the world’s most liberal rules on euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide. Both practices are still technically illegal, but doctors, following rules, won’t be charged.

IN MOST PLACES, A DOCTOR WHO HELPS A TERMINALly ill patient commit suicide could face prosecution. But not in the Netherlands, which has just stepped into the vanguard of the right-to-die movement. Its parliament approved the world’s most liberal rules on euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide. Both practices are still technically…

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