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Chain Saws Invade Eden


Suriname have begun to open huge tracts of forests for logging by timber and trading companies. Conservationists around the world are horrified at the prospect.

From high atop a massive bald rock called the Voltzberg, visitors to Suriname can look in awe at the same sight that greeted explorer Sir Walter Raleigh 400 years ago: an emerald forest that seemingly stretches to infinity in all directions. Even though the world has 11 times as many…

Dutch psychiatrist Chabot helped a woman, depressed but healthy patient to commit suicide. Officials charged Chabot with violating the strict guidelines, but wasn’t punished.

Hilly Bosscher endured 25 years of repeated beatings by an alcoholic husband before the marriage ended in divorce. One of her two sons committed suicide at 20; the other died of lung cancer at the same age. When the 50-year-old former social worker from the Dutch town of Ruinen went…

In the 1970s the Dutch played in two Cup championship games, losing both times. This year the Netherlands hopes to put an end to its also-ran reputation during the World Cup 94.

Everything is just about ready. in Orlando, Florida, painters have finished the massive black and white panels that have transformed the copper dome of the new city hall into a giant soccer ball. Near Detroit, agronomists from Michigan State University have covered the synthetic turf in the Pontiac Silverdome with…

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