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Outside of the Attic


Swiss-based Anne Frank Fonds (foundation), threatened to sue the newspaper Het Parool after it ran previously unpublished pages from Anne’s diary about the elder Franks’ relationship.

In her private journal, a teenager finds fault with her mother and pronounces her parents’ marriage a mere convenience. One entry reads, “If she had only one aspect of an understanding mother, either tenderness, or kindness, or patience or something else, I would keep trying to approach her.” Elsewhere she…

Autumn Ascendant


For many art lovers, the true Dutch master is Vincent van Gogh. The largest exhibition of his works to appear outside the Netherlands in 25 years opens at a gallery in Washington.

BECK Mutations

Why: An avalanche of big albums is coming this season. Courtney Love and her band Hole have a smart, shimmery new CD, Celebrity Skin, out this week. Neosoulman Seal’s Human Being is due Nov. 17. Shock rocker Marilyn Manson goes from gloom to glam on Sept. 15; while…

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