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Raising The Kursk


A 459-ft. barge from the Netherlands, the Giant 4, will raise the sunken Russian nuclear submarine Kursk.

A year after the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk mysteriously exploded and sank with 118 sailors aboard, an international team is trying to raise the vessel–or most of it–to the surface. This week salvagers are scheduled to begin the dangerous process of slicing off the heavily damaged torpedo compartment,…

Home, Home On The Latrine


Many CAFOs (large farms) in Texas, who are owned by people from the NL, pollute local waters. One result is growing animosity in the region against the Dutch.

For years I have been trying to persuade people that George W. Bush, although no Einstein, is not stupid. Now comes word he is returning to Texas for most of August. He could have gone to Kennebunkport, Maine, instead. I give up. If you put his brain in a…

A License to Kill?


There’s something creepy about how far the Dutch have gone with the law that formally legalizes euthanasia. When it takes effect doctors will be able to euthanize sick children as young as 12.

French writer Emile Durkheim noticed a century ago that such intensely regulated environments as religious sects and military bases had higher suicide rates. Which makes you wonder what he would say about a society that decides to regulate suicide–that actually allows you to apply for it like a driver’s…

A Climate Of Despair


To fight climate change wind power is a new technology. The Netherlands will soon be getting into the game in a big way, building one of the world’s largest wind farms five miles offshore.

The ambassadors from the 15-nation European Union got more than they bargained for when they invited National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice to lunch two weeks ago. The gathering, a regular ritual in Washington, was held at the Swedish ambassador’s residence, and as often happens, a representative of the White House…

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