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Europe’s Grasso Effect


The chairman of scandal-tainted NL.-based Royal Ahold stepped down following national outrage over his failure to inform investors of the new contract he gave new CEO Moberg.

Outrage about executive salaries is missing a couple of decimals in Europe. In September New York Stock Exchange boss Dick Grasso resigned amid a backlash over his $188 million deferred-compensation package. Around the same time, the chairman of the world’s third largest food retailer, scandal-tainted Netherlands-based Royal Ahold (whose…

Building Momentum


Asymptote, NY-based architects, built HydraPier, an exhibition pavilion at the Harlemmermeer: A two-winged structure sits on an artificial lake created on land reclaimed from the sea.

We live in an era that puts little stock in stability. Solidity and permanence read as rigidity and torpor. The future will be only more unruly, tossed and pulled by disparate forces like a piece of bread among sea gulls. So where does this leave architects, whose work is all…

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