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This week, at 68, after half a century of rule, Wilhelmina leaves the throne in favor of her sturdy daughter, 39-year-old Juliana.

Queen Juliana on the cover of Time magazine in 1948.Just 50 years ago, while cannon boomed and church bells rang, an 18-year-old girl with a sweet and melancholy face walked across the ancient square to Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Kerk.* A purple mantle was on her shoulders, a diadem in her hair. She was Wilhelmina, Princess of Orange, about to become… View large cover


Woman in the House


An extensive report on postwar The Netherlands, its people, cabinet, business and its queen.

Queen Wilhelmina on the cover of TIME magazine in 1946A year ago, when the filthy tide washed back, it was hard to tell what was left of Europe. Would the detritus of Nazi conquest bury a civilization, leaving its survivors in a confused struggle among the ruins? A year later it was still too soon to know. Many glimpses… View large cover


Home Is The Sailor


One of the decisive sea battles of history was fought last week, the naval battle for Java. A battle, lost before it began, for the last bulwark against Japanese conquest of the Indies.

Admiral Helfrich on the cover of TIME magazine in 1942 One of the decisive sea battles of history was fought last week in the placid waters between Java and Borneo. It was the naval battle for Java. It was a battle for the last bulwark against Japanese conquest of the Indies, a battle for the Southwest Pacific, a battle for… View large cover


Het is Zoover


By General Gerardus J. Berenschot calling General Hein ter Poorten saying “Het is Zoover”-This is it, the Netherlands East-Indies war plans went into action.

General Ter Poorten on the cover of TIME magazine in 1942 The Eastern Theater of war moved on. Americans still held a corner of Luzon, British still held Singapore, but the Japanese had overrun most of the Philippines and Malaya. Now their attack was rolling on toward their third major objective, the Indies —a new terrain with a new cast of… View large cover


Porcupine Nest


A report on the Netherlands-Indies, since all Japan’s plans are made with an eye on the Indies, the Dutch are buying war equipment in the U.S. Van Mook is portrayed as a strong negiotiator.

Van Mook on the cover of Time Magazine in 1941Abandoning his tour of Western Austral ia and summoning his Cabinet, Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies hurried back to Melbourne this week. The chips were down in the Far East ; the next thing to be seen was Japan’s hand. Bob Menzies said that the people of Australia were standing… View large cover


Worried Queen


Wilhelmina works hard to get her country safely through World War II: An overview of her work and her country including the colony.

Queen Wilhelmina on the cover of TIME magazine in 1939Last week the London Daily Telegraph & Morning Post presented what it described as the official German Army plans to invade The Netherlands on Nov.11, plus an “official” explanation of why that invasion did not come off as planned.

The alleged German plan was to attack The Netherlands first, Belgium… View large cover


“I Will Maintain!”


To fight the depression the Dutch apply the determining motto of the Royal House, “Je Maintiendrai” (“I will maintain!”). It reports on the political and economic situation in the Netherlands.

Queen Wilhelmina on the cover of TIME magazine in 1935Disgruntled Dutchmen settled down grimly last week to face the gravest crisis in the 45-year reign of their beloved Queen Wilhelmina.

Though Her Majesty has been called “middle class,” the fact is that the Royal House of Orange is on top of the Netherlands to a degree not achieved by… View large cover


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