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“I Will Maintain!”


To fight the depression the Dutch apply the determining motto of the Royal House, “Je Maintiendrai” (“I will maintain!”). It reports on the political and economic situation in the Netherlands.

Queen Wilhelmina on the cover of TIME magazine in 1935Disgruntled Dutchmen settled down grimly last week to face the gravest crisis in the 45-year reign of their beloved Queen Wilhelmina.

Though Her Majesty has been called “middle class,” the fact is that the Royal House of Orange is on top of the Netherlands to a degree not achieved by… View large cover


“Grave Times”


Colijn’s cabinet resigned. Catholic Aalberse told Protestant Wilhelmina the next day that he could not get a majority in Parliament. Gratified, the Queen again named Colijn her Premier.

Wilhelmina, who has reigned longer than any other living king or queen (45 years), let it be known that she said, “These are grave times,” when receiving last week her great and favorite Premier, beak-nosed Hendrikus Colijn, bald battler these many years to keep the guilder on gold.

Dr. Colijn had…

Pressure on Gold


Finance Minister Oud uttered a careful ‘if’ concerning the devaluation of the guilder: “The stability of the guilder is a necessity as long as world stabilization remains in the far in the future.”

Bedrock facts beneath the billows of press pother last week about the Gold Standard:

France. As to the flight of capital from France provoked by the fall of Premier Doumergue’s “Truce Cabinet,” the Bank of France was seen last week to have lost gold worth 360 million francs, or less than…

“Must! Must!”


The gulden must be kept on the gold standard according to Queen Wilhelmina in her yearly speech to Parliament.

Stout, frugal, shiny-nosed Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands is as proud as she is plain and motherly. Her court is the stiffest and most punctilious in Europe. The State Coach of her ancient House of Orange is almost as ornate, almost as uncomfortable as the swaying, medieval contraption in which…

Gulden Deterdinged


Henri Deterding urged the Netherlands to reduce the gold content of the gulden, “in order to help trade.” Other Dutch industrialists voted abhorrence of Sir Henri’s “inflationist proposal.”

Stuffy Dutch burghers, members of the Netherlands Society for Industry and Commerce, opened at their meeting in Rotterdam last week a letter as explosive as two sticks of dynamite. Signed by Holland’s world potent petrol tycoon, Sir Henri Deterding, it urged the Netherlands to reduce the gold content of the…

World Metal


President Trip of the Netherlands Bank says the Netherlands will remain on the gold standard: “Complete international restoration of the gold standard is imperative.”

Almost alone in preferring gold to paper as pocket currency for everyday use are Dutchmen. They like to jingle heavy guilders on each of which is stamped the motto & promise of Queen Wilhelmina’s Royal House: “I will maintain!” In The Hague last week pompous Mynheer Doktor Leonardus Jacobus Anthonius…

Again Slump


The fall of the pound, Japan’s abandonment of the Gold standard, negatively influenced the Dutch economy. The draining of the Zuiderzee was progressing ahead of schedule.

“Never before,” said gloomy J. de Fesche of the Société Céramique last week. “in the history of the Dutch ceramic industry was the situation as catastrophic as now.” Other Dutch potters sadly nodded their heads. The fall of the pound has enabled British potmakers to dump their receptacles in Holland.

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