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Good Offices


Rumors flew that German troops were about to strike through the NL.. Both majesty’s of Belgium and the NL. met at Noordeinde to let Adolf Hitler know that they would defend their neutrality.

A tall young man, dressed in a general’s uniform, accompanied by an aide de camp and an elderly statesman, hopped into his car at Brussels after dinner one evening last week and sped through northern Belgium into The Netherlands. Shortly before 11 o’clock the car raced up the Noordiende, one…



King Leopold III of Belgium accepted the invitation of Her Royal Highness to act as a godfather at the christening of her first child, Beatrix.

Belgium’s handsome young widower King Leopold III once figured in the schemes of certain statesmen anxious for a union of Belgium and The Netherlands, eager to promote it by securing the marriage of His Majesty and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Juliana of The Netherlands. Neither Leopold nor Juliana saw…

Dutch Breakfast


Foreign Minister Beelaerts van Blokland talks about a frontier dispute “with our good Belgian friends.”

He enjoys the confidence of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands whose Foreign Minister he is. Straight and yet portly of figure, his manner is stiff-necked and blunt. His arrival to dine heavily at one of the smart, white-painted mansions at The Hague, is announced by flunkies, unctuously intoning: “Jonkheer Dr….

Dutch Hisses


At an international conference in Louvain, 200 Dutch Nationalists staged an anti-Belgium riot.

At an international conference in Louvain, 200 Dutch Nationalists staged an anti-Belgium riot. They threw stones, hissed, unfolded Orange banners, cried “Long Live Wilhelmina! Down with Belgium!”

Belgians returned the stones and entered into a vocal contest with the Dutch by shouting their Brabançonne. (national anthem).

Although present-day Belgium was known…

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