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Why Leyden Was Closed


Leyden University was closed after Professor Cleveringa openly protested against the dismissal of Jewish Professor Meyers by the Nazi’s.

How a professor’s heroic speech led to the closing of The Netherlands’ famed 365-year-old University of Leyden was last week revealed by Leydeners in Manhattan who had just received a full report smuggled from their home town.

As reward for their bravery in fighting Spanish rule, William of Orange three…



Leyden University, founded by William of Orange in 1575, celebrated its 350th birthday. Queen Wilhelmina visited Leyden.

In the quaint old town of Leyden, lying midway between The Hague and Haarlem, the lofty tower of the Hooglandsche Kerk looked down upon gala scenes: the university, founded by William of Orange in 1575, was celebrating its 350th birthday.

At one period of the day, Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina drove…

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