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The Shoe Bomber’s World


According to R. Gunaratna, an expert on terrorism at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Reid’s reason for choosing the NL. is that it has become a center of al-Qaeda activity.

It was the scream that people noticed. Monique Danison, an American college student, had just finished lunch on American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami when she heard a woman cry out in terror. “When someone screams the way she did,” says Danison, “you know something bad is happening.”…

A License to Kill?


There’s something creepy about how far the Dutch have gone with the law that formally legalizes euthanasia. When it takes effect doctors will be able to euthanize sick children as young as 12.

French writer Emile Durkheim noticed a century ago that such intensely regulated environments as religious sects and military bases had higher suicide rates. Which makes you wonder what he would say about a society that decides to regulate suicide–that actually allows you to apply for it like a driver’s…

Are Drugs Winning the games?


Sydney will be affected by illegal substances and methods, including EPO. The drug’s introduction in 1987 was followed by a series of mysterious heart attacks among Dutch cyclists.

It isn’t cheating if everybody else is doing it.” So declared Canadian track coach Charlie Francis in 1988 when his sprinter Ben Johnson became the Olympics’ highest-profile disqualification ever by testing positive for steroids. But of 8,465 competitors at Seoul, only Johnson and nine others were booted for drugs. What’s…



Discussion on euthanasia in the U.S. Some American health professionals has cited a government report from the Netherlands on assisted suicide.

Whatever one thinks about the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, there can be little doubt of its judicial aggressiveness. At the time, the abortion issue, although hardly unsung, had been debated fully in only a few state legislatures. By grabbing the case, locating a previously unspecified…



EPO doping is well known in the Netherlands: several cyclists have died from its complications in recent years. Dutch discus champion Erik de Bruin, is under a four-year ban for doping.

Amy Van Dyken went shopping a few weeks ago and ran into some old high school classmates. The very girls, it happened, who once tried to keep her off the school’s relay swim team by complaining to the coach, throwing her clothes in the pool and spitting in her…



Legalization has resulted in so much abuse that last year the Dutch government was forced to change its euthanasia laws.

“DID YOU ASK FOR YOUR HEMLOCK?” THANKS TO APPEALS-court judges in New York and California, this question will now be in your future.

You will be old, infirm and, inevitably at some point, near death. You may or may not be in physical distress, but in an age of crushing…

Too Many People


The typical landscape might resemble the Netherlands: a crowded, monotonous tableau in which no aspect of nature is free from human manipulation, says environmentalist D. Meadows.

The state of the environment in the latter part of the next century will be determined largely by one factor: human population. If the species doubles its numbers by 2050, to nearly 11 billion, humanity may complete the devastation that accelerated so steeply in this century. Such unabated expansion in…

Dutch leniency is aimed at isolating and controlling a problem under supervision of the authorities, but there appears to be an increasingly consensus: It has grown out of hand.

Ed van Thijn considers himself a tolerant man, but he readily admits that he is no longer as broad-minded as he was when he became mayor of Amsterdam in 1983. At that time the Dutch city of 700,000 was notorious as the drug capital of Europe, a place where hashish…

Pulling in the Welcome Mat


Pope John Paul II visited the Netherlands and received a remarkably unfriendly reception. There were street riots and also barbed comments from his hosts.

When Pope John Paul II takes to the road, crowds are almost always huge and the mood celebratory. The Pontiff’s magical spell, however, was abruptly snapped in the Netherlands last week during his 26th foreign journey. The Dutch, with 5.6 million Roman Catholics among 14.5 million citizens, accorded John Paul…

“A Country of Mutes”


Revolutionary leader Desi Bouterse ordered the arrest of 16 of the country’s most prominent citizens, incl. lawyers, journalists and labor leaders. All but one were dead the next morning.

Terror and Marxism replace tolerance and prosperity

Once upon a time the former colony of Dutch Guiana seemed to be an enchanted tropical paradise. Its gentle, unusually tolerant melange of Creole, Indian, Chinese and Javanese inhabitants were blessed with rich farming lands, rivers teeming with fish and one of the…

Reassessing the Welfare State


In the NL., committed to the welfare idea, 1.4 million beneficiaries of state aid, a potent political force, have so far managed to blunt major attempts at social services reform in parliament.

A humanitarian dream becomes an economic nightmare

They are called welfare states, after the sense of collective compassion that inspired them in the wake of the Great Depression and World War II. Like Gothic cathedrals, they rose gradually across Western Europe, in dedication to a lofty goal: to create more…

Increasing fears confiscatory tax policies already have begun to discourage incentive and innovation. They seem to be undermining the Calvinist work ethic in The Netherlands.

It began as an outcry against “the dark satanic mills” of early capitalism, a shuddering reaction against the profound upheavals caused by the Industrial Revolution, a reassertion of the Utopian dream of the heavenly kingdom on earth. It sprang from obscure clubs, from workers’ associations, from garrets, libraries, bourgeois parlors…

Now the Dutch Connection


Over the past 18 months Amsterdam has changed from merely a drug-using city to the chief narcotics distribution point in Europe. Drug traffic moved to the NL because of its liberal attitude.

Actor Gene Hackman and a crew of narcotics agents and drug pushers out of Central Casting are currently in Marseille filming The French Connection II, a sequel to the award-winning 1971 dope flick. But as any real narc could tell them, this time they have the wrong location. For the…



On May Day, as 2,000 Communists gathered in Amsterdam to listen quietly to their leaders, thousands of students battled the police trying to plant Red and V.C. flags on the Nat. Monument.

AS a holiday, both seasonal and pagan, May Day goes back thousands of years. Some remnants of this ancient past still survive: on May Day, French gentlemen give their ladies bouquets of lilies of the valley. In Greece, doors and balconies are decked with floral wreaths. In Czechoslovakia, traditional vows…

The Trouble with Coalitions


The net effect of coalitions is usually to dull debates, to narrow ambitions and to blunt the cutting edge of bold politics. In the Netherlands Drees cabinet fell after extending higher taxes.

In most Western European nations these days, no party commands an absolute majority, and most must rule by coalition. The net effect of coalitions is usually to dull debates, to narrow ambitions and to blunt the cutting edge of bold politics. Rivalries that would otherwise be threshed out in the…

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