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End of a Reign


Spoken in the informal, no-nonsense style, throughout a 31-year reign, Queen Juliana of The Netherlands told a national television audience that she would abdicate on her 71st birthday.

Juliana prepares to step down

“Everyone who is getting old is sooner or later confronted with the sober fact that powers diminish and that one cannot carry out one’s task as one used to. And then there comes a moment when it’s no longer justified to continue carrying out…

It’s Worse in Europe


In The Netherlands, prices are rising at an annual average of 7%. The government resigned last June after failing to check prices, and it scheduled an election for next month.

Americans who complain about the high cost of living can take some solace by looking at Western Europe. There, prices are rising almost twice as fast as in the U.S. Like a pernicious plague, inflation infests the whole Continent; it is damaging living standards and shaking governments. The annual rate…

“Rather Unusual Phenomenon”


Premier Willem Drees, who had run The Netherlands for six uninterrupted years on a welfare-state platform, trotted off to the Queen to resign after a failed rent-increase bill.

Her Majesty Queen Juliana regretted that she would be unable to attend the gala concert of the visiting Philadelphia Orchestra as planned. Late into the evening, Her Majesty would be compelled to spend her time sorting out that most un-Dutch of royal embarrassments: a Cabinet crisis. “A rather unusual phenomenon…

Queen’s Favorite


The Dutch Cabinet resigned, in forming a new cabinet Dr. Colijn finally produced another Cabinet of hoary oldsters, former Cabinet members and long-pensioned colonial officials.

Stanchest supporter of Dutch Premier Dr. Hendrikus Colijn is his soverign, Queen Wilhelmina. Dr. Colijn is a devout Calvinist and a churchman who knows his Bible backwards and forwards. Her Majesty is the apotheosis of Protestantism e conservative, strong-willed Premier believes in balanced budgets, light taxes and a strong currency…

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