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The article looks back on earlier periods of flourishing economic times that is currently the case in the U.S. From 1609 to 1713 diversity brought on a golden age for the Dutch.


Unemployment: Under 5% this year Growth: Modest but steady; 2% average this decade Inflation: What inflation?

ECONOMIC BACKDROP Even veteran economists are rubbing their eyes in disbelief at how well the U.S. economy has behaved this decade. For years policymakers couldn’t figure out…

Feathers from a Frog


The once bitter enemies, Netherlands and Indonesia have recently begun exchanging public compliments, friendly trade delegations and full resumption of diplomatic relations.

Trade, as well as politics, makes strange bedfellows: Spain and Castro’s Cuba, Britain and Red China, Israel and West Germany. One of the strangest tie-ups these days is between The Netherlands and its former colony, Indonesia, which severed diplomatic relations in 1960 and seemed headed for a full-scale war. The…

Help from a Bitten Hand


The trade-minded Dutch, who are more interested in new profits than in salvaging old concessions, were eager to do business again with Indonesia.

His reception was pointedly restrained, but the dapper, dusky VIP who debarked at the Amsterdam air port last week could hardly expect brass bands. Dr. Subandrio, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister and Deputy Premier, was the highest-ranking official from Djakarta to set foot in The Netherlands since the Dutch bitterly granted his…

Rubber & Spices


When will raw materials from the Orient would reach the U.S. again. Tin: At least least a year. Dutch tea experts are en route to India, will move soon to the Netherlands East Indies.

Within weeks, perhaps within days, foreign traders will know the answer to a question they have mulled for three and a half years: how long would it take after war’s end for raw materials from the Orient to reach the U.S.? Some guesses last week:

Rubber. Plenty of natural rubber…

Thank You, Mr. van Mook


Last week The Netherlands East Indies slapped Japan’s face, when the Netherlands were not willing to increase shipments of rubber, tin, oil and other foods of war.

Last week The Netherlands East Indies slapped Japan’s face, and Japan took it with nothing more than a face-saving tightening of the features.

For months a Japanese commission under the polite but theoretically tough Kenkicho Yoshizawa has tried to get The Netherlands East Indies to promise Japan greatly increased shipments…

The Neutrals


Report about neutral countries during World War I and the resulting effect on their economy.

In World War II, if it comes, some nations may avoid fighting. But they will certainly not go untouched. Just as modern warfare is no respecter of lives, soldier or civilian, so it is no respecter of the pocketbooks of neutrals. To every neutral nation that has risen above the…

Clearing House


The trade between The Netherlands and the United States has blossomed with the opening of a Holland House in New York.

From Rotterdam last week arrived the first of the 100,000,000 tulip, gladioli, iris, hyacinth, crocus and daffodil bulbs worth some $5,000,000 which the Dutch annually export to the U. S. This week the cordial trade relations between The Netherlands and the U. S. blossomed with the announcement that a vacant…



Dutch trade is suffering from the French blockade of the Ruhr, especially in Rotterdam.

Dutch trade is suffering from the French blockade of the Ruhr. At Rotterdam, Holland’s largest port, shipping has been brought practically to a standstill. Thousands are without work.

Before the Ruhr occupation most of Germany’s trade from that great industrial area passed down the Rhine and through Rotterdam. The new situation…

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