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Caged No More


Queen Wilhelmina died. An account of her life and work.

In her first appearance as Queen of The Netherlands, Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria stood on the balcony of her palace in Amsterdam and stared with a small child’s wonder at her cheering subjects.

“Mama,” she asked, “do all these people belong to me?” “No, my child,” replied the Queen-Regent, “it…

God Disposes


Wilhelmina said she would give up the throne in favor of Princess Juliana.

The sun was almost down and the quiet purple dusk of the lowlands was rising in the east when the Queen spoke to her people. Housewives fixing supper put down their pots and men in cafés forgot their drinks; bicyclists in the streets stopped to listen at loudspeakers. Queen Wilhelmina’s…

Long Live the Queen!


Tired Queen Wilhelmina announced that, “for reasons of health,” she would “temporarily” transfer the business of ruling to her strapping daughter, Princess Juliana.

Queen Wilhelmina was tired. For 49 years, ever since she was a girl of 18 (whom Playwright Edmond Rostand once described as “the little lily queen who rules over the kingdom of tulips”), she had worn the crown—or the somewhat knockabout hats which she preferred.

Like a competent…

“I Deeply Regret”


Wilhelmina said in a speech that she is concerned about Java and promised, as she had promised before, a partnership in a “Netherlands Commonwealth.”

Queen Wilhelmina, looking tired and strained, had a word for her seething Indonesian subjects last week. In her first speech from the throne in six years, she addressed them across the distant barricades. Promising—as she had promised before (TIME, Dec. 14, 1942)—partnership in a “Netherlands Commonwealth,” she said:…

A Queen at Home


After her five long years of exile Queen Wilhelmina returns to Netherlands. Wilhelmina toured flooded Walcheren Island where royal tears welled up again & again.

Town Crier Toon den Broeke sang out the news: Queen Wilhelmina, their venerable Landsmoeder (“Mother of the Land”) was coming home to Holland. After her five long years of exile, the villagers of little Eede would be the first to welcome her. Even now her Majesty was driving up the…



Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands, escaped unhurt, lost two bodyguards, in a direct bomb hit on the house in which she was staying near London.

Ethel Waters was drawing record crowds last week to the same nightspot in which she first sang on Broadway 20 years ago (Cafe Zanzibar—then the Plantation Club). On her dressing table the husky, dusky chanteuse propped a framed poem,

Tell God About It. Excerpts:

O workers in the busy…

Plans for the Hour


Without ceremony or circumstance, Wilhelmina marked the 45th anniversary of her coronation. On Radio Orange she said that full arrangements for the “hour of liberation” were made.

Without ceremony or circumstance, 63-year-old Queen Wilhelmina marked the 45th anniversary of her coronation. In London the Queen spent a Hausfrau’s day at home with her son-in-law, Prince Consort Bernhard, took routine spins on her bicycle.

At night, over BBC’s Radio Orange, she spoke to her anti-Nazi burghers across the…

Adolf’s Answer


After Queen Wilhelmina called for a free NL’s Commonwealth, to be democratically governed by all its people, Hitler appointed Dutch Nazi Leader Mussert “Leader of The NL. people.”

One week after Queen Wilhelmina went on record for a free Netherlands Commonwealth, to be democratically governed by all its people (TIME, Dec. 14), Adolf Hitler appointed Dutch Nazi Leader Anton Adrian Mussert “Leader of The Netherlands people.”

The new stooge-boss of The Netherlands is a frustrated little fellow who…

Brave New Commonwealth


Over London’s Radio Orange, Wilhelmina told that The NL., The NL. Indies, Curasao and Surinam, would form a commonwealth and all have independence at home after the war.

Mightier democracies continued pussyfooting on post-war plans, but last week the squareheaded Dutch went on record. Their good Queen Wilhelmina flatly rejected Empire, plunked for Commonwealth.

Over London’s Radio Orange, solid Dutch Democrat Wilhelmina told her people and the world:

>The Netherlands, The Netherlands Indies, Curasao and Surinam, after victory,…

Lang Leve de Koningin


Wilhelmina, residing in Lee, Mass. has impressed natives with her neighborliness. She went to New York to talk about the war.

Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria, Princess of Orange-Nassau, age 61, the sturdy, solid, cheerful Queen of The Netherlands, has been living a quiet and well-regulated life with her daughter and grandchildren on a rented estate at Lee, Mass. There she has impressed the natives with her neighborliness. Once she climbed through…

Shopper for Essentials


Queen Wilhelmina went shopping in little Lee, Mass. for ordinary and inexpensive groceries.

Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands, visiting her daughter, Princess Juliana, went shopping in little Lee, Mass. “Good morning, Queen,” said the drugstore man. The ruler from the land where people scrub their homes with soap & water bought a sponge. “I am old-fashioned,” she explained. “Everybody else uses a washcloth,…

Good Omen


Wilhelmina, Juliana and her kids left for Canada. A Dutch cruiser brought the war’s first royal refugees to the New World.

With three echoing cheers for Juliana, three more for a free Holland, the plump blue-clad jack-tars of the Dutch cruiser that brought the war’s first royal refugees to the New World last week said good-by to their princesses at Halifax. Immediately, butter-cheeked Juliana, Crown Princess of The Netherlands, and her…

Captains, Kings Depart


Nazi invaders drove Wilhelmina to England. Most notable refugee of World War I, Wilhelm II, did not fled and stayed in The Netherlands.

n 1918 the most notable refugee of World War I reached safety in The Netherlands, just in time, settled at Doom. Last week the world was significantly reminded that Adolf Hitler regards World

War II as the continuation of World War I when, at his special orders, his mechanical cavalry…

“Foreign Service”


Queen Wilhelmina speeched about “a radical renewal in the life of every individual,” which was heard in Manhattan and in perhaps 500 U.S. cities.

In The Hague one day last week, a devout Calvinist (with Buchmanite leanings) stepped up to a microphone and radiorated. Said Wilhelmina, Queen of The Netherlands: “In our present time the very first need is that of a radical renewal in the life of every individual. This only can be…

Worried Queen


Wilhelmina works hard to get her country safely through World War II: An overview of her work and her country including the colony.

Queen Wilhelmina on the cover of TIME magazine in 1939Last week the London Daily Telegraph & Morning Post presented what it described as the official German Army plans to invade The Netherlands on Nov.11, plus an “official” explanation of why that invasion did not come off as planned.

The alleged German plan was to attack The Netherlands first, Belgium… View large cover


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