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Crisis at KLM


With an abruptness that stunned the aviation industry, KLM’s president Van der Beugel resigned his job. KLM lost $21 million in 1961 and another $14 million in 1962’s first nine months.

Eighteen months ago, when he moved in as president of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, diminutive (5 ft. 3 in.) Ernst Hans van der Beugel, 44, looked like a bright hope. A brilliant ex-civil servant who had held the top career post in the Dutch Foreign Office, he appeared to have…

How to Succeed by Trying


Figure skater Sjoukje Dijkstra put on a dazzling performance in Cortina, Italy. Sjoukje: “It’s just working hard that makes you good.”

The lilting strains of Johann Strauss’s Graduation Ball wafted through Cortina, Italy, as a sturdy blonde girl glided around the open-air rink. The music leaped, and the girl leaped too—a twisting “double axel” that sent her hurtling through the air until she glided back on the ice. The music…

“I Did It All”


An account on the life and work of shipyard builder Cornelis Verolme.

When a bird flies into the big machine halls of the Verolme shipyards on the banks of the River Maas near Rotterdam, an extraordinary thing sometimes happens. Cornelis Verolme, a short Dutchman with a face as round and red as an Edam cheese, asks his men to stop their machines…

End of the Chase


Last week SS Captain Erich Rajakowitsch, the man who helped organize the roundup of Anne Frank and 110,000 other Dutch Jews was arrested in Austria and held for investigation.

These wretched people are sent to filthy slaughterhouses like a herd of sick, neglected cattle. But I won’t talk about it, I only get nightmares from such thoughts.

—Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank’s nightmares finally ended in the concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen in March…

Gateway to Europe


Europe’s biggest seaport Rotterdam has launched a campaign to pass New York as the world’s biggest port and are busily building a $250 million addition, called Europoort.

The Dutch port of Rotterdam is already Europe’s biggest seaport, and the prosperity of the Common Market pours through it in a growing current of trade. Strategically set astride the Rhine-Maas waterway, which leads to the heart of industrial Europe, Rotterdam handles more cargo than Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg put…

Suited for Expansion


Amsterdam based fashion retailer C. & A. Brenninkmeyer Co., holds a burning ambition: to break into the U.S. retail market in grand style.

The workingman’s friend in Europe is Amsterdam-based C. & A. Brenninkmeyer Co., whose 100 stores from Wales to West Germany outfit the whole family in middlebrow fashions at lowbrow prices. The Brenninkmeyer family itself believes in tight budgets and tight lips, regarding secrecy as its greatest strength and publicity as…

A Quiet Crisis


To the rest of the world, Dutch politics seem sane and stolid — and most of the time it is. Every few years, however, The Netherlands is gripped by a Cabinet crisis.

To the rest of the world, Dutch politics seems as sane and stolid as a Rembrandt burgher — and most of the time it is. Every few years, however, The Netherlands is gripped by a Cabinet crisis that leaves the country rudderless for even longer than customary in Italy or pre-Gaullist…



After five years of glaring at their old colonial masters, the hard-pressed Indonesians are showing some willingness to do business with the Dutch. Frits Philips made an agreement.

∙ After five years of glaring at their old colonial masters, the hard-pressed Indonesians are showing some willingness to do business with the Dutch. Philips Lamp President Frits Philips, 58, whose giant corporation wrote off Indonesian factories worth $5,300,000 after President Sukarno kicked the Dutch out, is just back from…

The Gas Battle


Lately rumors of huge natural gas findings on the Waddenzee islands have brought other oil companies rushing in with hopes of getting a piece or prospecting offshore.

On the wind-whipped Waddenzee Islands of The Netherlands last week, battered landing craft disgorged load after load of equipment and intense men from as far away as Texas, Kuwait and Brunei. Growling Land-Rovers raced up and down sandy stretches recently surrendered by vacationing Dutchmen; helicopters whirred overhead. The invaders represented…

Uncommon Authority


Last week the tariffs on steel imports into the Common Market were raised to a standard 9%. With very little steel of its own, The Netherlands (4.5%) wanted to keep prices low.

Continental Europe’s ailing steel industry, already plagued by overcapacity, has been seriously jarred by a recent invasion of cut-rate steel from Japan, Austria, Britain and the Iron Curtain countries. Since the Common Market’s steel producers have the right to align their prices to the lowest import offer, they have cut…

Going Private


Leave it to the Dutch to be different. Before the Dutch Parliament this week is a bill that will make a private company out of the government-held Dutch State Mines.

Leave it to the Dutch to be different. While industry is being nationalized from Italy to Indonesia, The Netherlands has decided to move in just the opposite direction. Before the Dutch Parliament this week is a bill that will make a private company out of the government-held Dutch State…

Fighting the Birds


In the past seven years the Dutch Air Force has recorded 413 bird-plane collisions. Zoologist Dr. Hardenberg found a way to prevent bird accidents.

As long as any Dutchmen can remember, the airspace over their crowded lowlands has swarmed with birds. But the birds have increasing competition. Part of the sky over The Netherlands has been invaded by commercial air routes; another part has been taken over by the military. And the birds are…

Death of a Princess


Princess Irene, got engaged to Carlos de Borbon y Parma. Without the govenment’s approval, she renounced the right of succession and agreed to live in exile. So died a princess.


With 17 suitcases, a pair of bright blue skis and a parakeet in a cage, Princess Irene of The Netherlands tripped gaily aboard a chartered KLM airliner last month, unnoticed by the press. Prettiest of four royal sisters and second in line of succession (after Princess Beatrix, 27),…

A New View on Birth Control


A new European approach to birth control has here and there gone from theory to practice. Sales of the pill in the Catholic south of Holland reportedly rose 40% last year.

Revisions in theology start inconspicuously enough—usually as footnote-laden articles in grey, learned journals with modest circulations. Future church historians may well date a profound change in Roman Catholic thinking on marriage from the current issue of a scholarly Belgian periodical called Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses, There, the Rev. Louis Janssens,…

Help from a Bitten Hand


The trade-minded Dutch, who are more interested in new profits than in salvaging old concessions, were eager to do business again with Indonesia.

His reception was pointedly restrained, but the dapper, dusky VIP who debarked at the Amsterdam air port last week could hardly expect brass bands. Dr. Subandrio, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister and Deputy Premier, was the highest-ranking official from Djakarta to set foot in The Netherlands since the Dutch bitterly granted his…

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