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“Dear Little”


Dear little Holland completed with her own money, her own materials, her own engineers and labor, the largest canal lock in the world.

In the capitals of the Great Powers, Dutch diplomats school themselves to smile instead of wincing at the question which hostesses all ask sooner or later: “And how is dear little Holland?”* Proud were Dutchmen last week when dear little Holland completed with her own money, her own materials, her…

Sympathetic Queen


In Dutch New Guinea a number of Wilhelmina’s loyal subjects were being cooked and eaten by cannibals.

At the Colonial Ministry of plump Queen Wilhelmina last week distressed officials admitted that some 9,400 miles away in Dutch New Guinea a number of her loyal subjects were undoubtedly being cooked and eaten.

Particulars the perturbed Dutch statesmen could not give. They knew only that a man-eating Papuan tribe had…

Juliana & Sigvard


Dutch newsorgans report an official denial from Sweden concerning the engagement between Prince Sigvard from Sweden en Princess Juliana.

In tiniest type on inside pages, loyal Dutch newsorgans printed last week a one-sentence despatch from Sweden:

“Stockholm: His Royal Highness Crown Prince Gustav Adolf officially denied today reports from Amsterdam of the betrothal of his second son Prince Sigvard to Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands.”

During the week…

Juliana, Unemployed


Queen Wilhelmina last week personally read her Speech-from-the-Throne, but listeners would rather hear the name of a future Man-in-the-House for a plump Princess Juliana.

Buxom Queen Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria last week personally read her Speech-from-the-Throne at the opening of the Netherlands Parliament. Not only Queen Wilhelmina, but indomitable Queen Mother Emma, portly Prince Henry (Wilhelmina’s spouse) and plump Princess Juliana, heiress to the throne, were there, almost 700 Ib. of Royal Dutch.

What every…

Gaspers for Five


Crown Princess Juliana caught smoking in her room only to found out it was not her mother, but her tolerating father.

Even in her own royal residence on the outskirts of The Hague, Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands is supposed to obey the rule of her august mother Queen Wilhelmina: “Unmarried ladies of the Court shall not smoke.”

Recently, according to Dutch Court gossips last week, the Crown Princess with…

Waterler Prize


The Waterler Peace Prize didn’t go to a Dutchmen, as stipulated, but Sir Eric Drummond, secretary general of the League of Nations.

To the Government of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina the sum of more than half a million florins ($220,000) was left by Her Majesty’s loyal subject Banker Johan Gerard Daniel Waterler with two stipulations:

1) If the Royal Government “should not find itself in a suitable position” to award the income from this…

Connubial Hygiene


Two books have published recently, one by a Dutch retired director of the Gynecological Clinic, called Ideal Marriage, Its Physiology & Technique.

The U. S. is now sufficiently adult to study a book on connubial hygiene, Federal Judge John Munro Woolsey of Manhattan decided last month. Thereupon Putnam’s rushed the printing and, last week, published Marie Carmichael Stopes’s Married Love— the first of her eight monographs on sex activity. Professionally she is…

Queen to Paris


Wilhelmina, a woman of plain tastes, and Juliana visited Paris for an exhibition about the Dutch East-Indies.

She is a good woman of plain tastes; she has an Eastern empire and a fat Prince Consort; she is the Queen Victoria of today; she was last week in Paris for the first time in 19 years—Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Duchess of Mecklenburg, Hon…

Again Slump


The fall of the pound, Japan’s abandonment of the Gold standard, negatively influenced the Dutch economy. The draining of the Zuiderzee was progressing ahead of schedule.

“Never before,” said gloomy J. de Fesche of the Société Céramique last week. “in the history of the Dutch ceramic industry was the situation as catastrophic as now.” Other Dutch potters sadly nodded their heads. The fall of the pound has enabled British potmakers to dump their receptacles in Holland.

Helpful Queen


Things were gloomy in Holland last week. There was unemployment. There was a money shortage. Wilhelmina did her bit and announced an exhibition of her watercolor paintings.

Things were gloomy in Holland last week. There was unemployment. Fifty-five steamers were tied up at Amsterdam, a record number. There were strikes. At Enschede, in a textile walkout, 2,000 strikers stoned strikebreakers’ houses, injured four policemen who tried to interfere. There were storms. The freighter Stanfies sank in the Zuider…


Holland remade her geography last week with the closing of the last gap in an 18-mile dike between Wieringen and Friesland, thus putting an end to the famed Zuyder Zee.

Plump Queen Wilhelmina beamed, so did the plump Prince Consort. Comfortable Princess Juliana went out to inspect the new villages near Wieringen and thousands of Dutch trippers on hundreds of excursion boats yelled themselves hoarse. But at Volendam and Marken, those overexploited bits of quaintness, fishing boats were tied in…

In Rotterdam


The Holland America liner could not reach Rotterdam as seamen were on strike. On top of that, the engine room crew mutinied the ship.

Vividly last week the crew of the Holland America liner Rotterdam, homeward bound from New York, displayed their national temperament. No disturbance broke the calm of the first nine days of the crossing except in the smoking room, where the Dutch Olympic team was en thusiastically breaking training. Rotterdam, the…

Mutiny broke out on battleship De Zeven Provincien in the Dutch East Indies, renamed to Netherlands-India by Queen Wilhelmina. The mutiny was stopped by a naval attack from other Dutch ships.

Plump and pink Queen Wilhelmina, whose nose grew red as she went sleigh-riding in Switzerland last week, pronounced a solemn Speech from the Throne before she left The Hague. Mindful of her Dutch East Indies, in which live 60,000,000 of Her Majesty’s 69,000,000 subjects, she gave them a new and more…

World Metal


President Trip of the Netherlands Bank says the Netherlands will remain on the gold standard: “Complete international restoration of the gold standard is imperative.”

Almost alone in preferring gold to paper as pocket currency for everyday use are Dutchmen. They like to jingle heavy guilders on each of which is stamped the motto & promise of Queen Wilhelmina’s Royal House: “I will maintain!” In The Hague last week pompous Mynheer Doktor Leonardus Jacobus Anthonius…

Gulden Deterdinged


Henri Deterding urged the Netherlands to reduce the gold content of the gulden, “in order to help trade.” Other Dutch industrialists voted abhorrence of Sir Henri’s “inflationist proposal.”

Stuffy Dutch burghers, members of the Netherlands Society for Industry and Commerce, opened at their meeting in Rotterdam last week a letter as explosive as two sticks of dynamite. Signed by Holland’s world potent petrol tycoon, Sir Henri Deterding, it urged the Netherlands to reduce the gold content of the…

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