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Recurring themes on the Netherlands in Time

There are articles on distinct subject matters that reappear throughout several years, even decades. These are in other words recurring themes. Extracted from our repository, the study identified seven different recurring themes in Time magazine on the Netherlands.

Dutch Royal Family (1923-1980)
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The kingdom of the Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system headed by a hereditary monarch of the House of Orange-Nassau family. Queens regnant during the scope of our study were Queen Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix. Time extensively reports on the work and life of the Royal family.

Dutch East-Indies and W.N. Guinea
[as of 1945: end of a colonial empire]
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The Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) was a colony of the Netherlands. From there many materials were exported, including to the U.S. In late 1949 sovereignty was formally recognized to Indonesia ending 347 years of Dutch rule over the East-Indies. Western New-Guinea remained part of the Netherlands until 1962.

Gold Standard (1931-1935)
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As other countries, with the U.S., departed their currency from the Gold standard, the Netherlands firmly kept their money backed by gold.

World War II (1939-1945)
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On 10 May 1940 Germany attacked and occupied the Netherlands. On 10 January 1942 Japan invaded the Dutch colony in the East Indies. The United States and other Allied forces liberated the Netherlands in 1945. The war ended when Germany and later Japan surrendered.

The progressive trend in the Dutch Catholic church (1956-1985)
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In the early 1960s new ways of Roman Catholic thinking emerged in the Netherlands. Several dogmas were reconsidered and openly discussed, which led to disputes with Rome. With his liberal perspective theologian Father Schillebeeckx fulfilled a prominent role in this debate.

(Opposing) missile deployment (1979-1985)
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The possible deployment of U.S. nuclear cruise missiles in the Netherlands was met with heavy resistance among the Dutch. Demonstrations and protests emerged as the cabinet postponed a decision on deployment.

Euthanasia (1973-2001)
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Since the 1980s doctors in the Netherlands who execute euthanasia and assisted-suicide, are not persecuted of the practice. In 2002 the Netherlands became the first country to legalize euthanasia. The focus on this topic is especially strong during the 1990s.

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